4 steps to facilitate spirit connections in 2023


I often hear agonizing responses from my clients and students on how it is impossible for them to find time to meditate. I agree that meditation may not be your thing, yet that does not mean you can not find some time allotted every single day to tune into an energy greater than yourself, to remind yourself, “As above so below…”

You don’t need to meditate for hours but dedicate some time for yourself! This time you devote will help you understand yourself in a deeper and profound way. Being a mother of a nine-year-old and ten fur babies, I find myself in a whirlpool of activity every single day. Add my work life to this set of responsibilities and you get mayhem. Yet, I have been making this “me-time”, even if only for a brief moment for myself over many years because I understand the overpowering benefits it has blessed me with. I want you to try these four different things to facilitate a deeper connection with spirit.

Yes, on certain days you shall falter and on certain other times you’ll excel. This is just a part of the journey. Embrace it. Connect to a deeper center of pleasure within to appreciate what this world has to offer and how will I connect, you ask? Simple, shift to the imaginal and intuitive landscapes or shall I label them as mindscapes. Tune into the right brain of creativity, artistry and inspiration and life becomes a true gift.

Four steps mentioned here will help you to develop a stringent spiritual mindset and with discipline and desire, you will find yourself tuned into the blissful reservoir of cosmic blessing.


Now you can chant mantras, like the Gayatri Mantra or Om Namaha Shivaya and you can also chant switch words. Most spirituality posts on different platforms will tell you, meditate! But meditation is not something we can jump straight into. The thoughts, they assault us, and our minds divert. How many people can hold concentration long enough to enter into meditative bliss. Hardly a large percentage! Which is why chanting is the first step to control your thoughts and the monkey mind. When you breathe correctly and chant, even if it is a Switchword like “Together”, you start to lose mundane consciousness and a switch flips, allowing you to defrag the hard disk of your brain.


This precious me-time you should take out must definitely incorporate breathing correctly and then fixing your eyes between your eyebrows. That part is known as the Ajna chakra in ancient Yogic knowledge and Science calls it the Pineal Gland. Once focused attention is directed to this area, it activates your unconscious and subconscious which make up more than your conscious mind. This third eye is the repository of cosmic energies in the macro and micro bodies and is the seat of occult powers and awareness. This practice is ultimately the gateway to soul freedom. A few points about breathing! Always use your nose during these spiritual self care sessions. Breathing from the nose activates the respiratory system, allowing the oxygen you breathe to be heated, moistened and filtered.


Ah! This is definitely my favorite spiritual self-care ritual! I spend a decent amount of time perusing and syphoning through spiritual articles on major newspapers and digital platforms. When we read the spiritual experiences succinctly put down by someone who lives this lifestyle, we immutably partake in the wisdom offered. Most spiritual Gurus tend to leave out this practice, but believe me this will be a pearl in your spiritual treasure-trove. Some of my most inspired spiritual realizations have been from pages of profound mystical knowledge and this practice is really easy to begin with. So why wait?


There is a hardcore Science behind both gratitude and forgiveness and let me try to elucidate a few points. Never underestimate the benefits of practicing gratitude and if you spend some time everyday pondering and reflecting upon why you are grateful, it allows the release of certain chemicals in the brain. You experience positive emotions and feel deeply connected to the outside world. Sleep is enhanced and your relationships grow stronger. It actually strengthens your immune system which in turn helps you fight disease. Don’t reserve gratitude for momentous occasions, instead indulge as frequently as you can in large doses of thankfulness and smile widely. Now let us turn to forgiveness which is of three kinds mostly and all interrelated. Self-forgiveness is the starting point from which we learn to release guilt and shame. The next kind is forgiving an enemy or someone who hurt you, which is the trickiest kind because we humans tend to not forgive and forget. But let’s make a start. Think of someone who hurt you and try to identify the feelings that surface to your conscious mind. These associated feelings can be anger, denial, shame, guilt, hurt, suffering, abandonment, disrespect, the whole gamut of the negatives. Now write them down and the name of the person who awakens these negative emotions and slowly allows yourself to release. Let it go and then burn the paper. Visualize the emotions dissipating as the paper is reduced to ashes and you’re free. The last kind of forgiveness is Divine Forgiveness which assures us that God/Goddess has forgiven us and it adds to our sense of self-worth.

Surrender to these practices with unadulterated joy and see how they transform your life in 2023. Surrendering is not weakness; in fact, it is the subtle act of acceptance and letting go. Of course, this is a path paved with treacherous twists and turns, if one gets muddied in the labyrinthine maze of their minds. The key is to replace reaction with awareness.

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.



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