Aquarius Daily Horoscope for December 16: Work on our personality


AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) 

Today, you are likely to initiate new tasks and show spontaneity in executing them correctly. This may not only bring you satisfaction but also give you a chance to lead from the front. You stick to your ideas and follow them with all your heart. You may take on challenges in every field effortlessly, although some of your decisions may turn out to be reckless. You may not back down but you need to be on the lookout for your unpredictable nature, as it could harm your interests. Your moodiness may spoil your relationships in the long run. Better work on that. The day might spring a surprise towards the end when a legal matter regarding property is likely to be sorted out without any hassles, bringing you great joy and relief. 

Aquarius Finance Today 

Your close friend may offer you a partnership venture, which is likely to bring profits in the coming months. You may receive monetary gains from past investments in goods and services. Stocks and shares may prove profitable. 


Aquarius Family Today 

Your domestic front may be joyous as you take an interest in your children’s daily activities. Celebrating an auspicious occasion at home may give you a chance to meet your near and dear ones, making the atmosphere more vibrant. 

Aquarius Career Today 

On the professional front, a jealous colleague is likely to harm your reputation. Those seeking promotion may have to wait longer than you expected. Some of your subordinates may help you, but be careful of their intentions. 

Aquarius Health Today 

Health-wise, it may be a good day. Your positive thoughts might go hand-in-hand with your sound mind and work wonders for your overall wellbeing. A jogging routine with health-conscious friends is likely to benefit you immensely. 

Aquarius Love Life Today 

On the romantic front, you are likely to experience some upheavals as your beloved might expect you to spend more time with them and extend your emotional support to them, while you may be caught up in a hectic work schedule. Stay true to your promises to rekindle your relationship. 


Lucky Number: 22 

Lucky Color: Blue 


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