Aquarius Daily Horoscope for March 7: Time for some mixed emotions


AQUARIUS (Jan 22- Feb 19)

Aquarians are known for their exceptional quick wittiness and ability to grasp things and facts on a quicker level. They are known to be self reliant and don’t like to depend on the other person for their every big and small need. They are also optimistic and being represented and governed by the air element, their ability to being enthusiastic, calm and supportive makes them a true Aquarius sign. Today you are going to experience a day filled with mixed emotions. It may be like you have the right energy levels to attain a particular task but due to some unavoidable reasons, it might get delayed. This can lead to some frustration but all will be well and sorted by the end of the day.


Aquarius Finance Today

Proper planning and diligence is required before taking up any new opportunity in matters of finance as predicted by your planetary positions. Stay a little cautious of your new business clients and be aware of new scams and frauds happening especially in the cyber world.

Aquarius Family Today

Your family is in full support of whatever decisions you are planning to make in favors of your family betterment. There shall be an environment of peace and comfort at the family front today. You will feel satisfied with the accomplishments made in your personal life.

Aquarius Career Today

Your meticulous planning is going to pay you huge rewards now. But don’t get over whelmed with a positive response. With big accomplishments, comes big responsibilities and same applies in your career aspect. Be vigilant and work accordingly.

Aquarius Health Today

You are in great spirits of health today; your energy levels are high and you may think that you can rule the rule with a fit and healthy body. But do not forget to take charge of your mental health too. Do some mind training exercises.

Aquarius Love Life Today

You and your partner or spouse share a good chemistry and capability and it is time where you both shall understand each other’s situation and act accordingly. Do not have high expectations in romance aspect and be comforting to your partner’s needs and wishes.



Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Color: Yellow


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