Aquarius Horoscope Today:Daily predictions for July 23,'22 states, stressful job


AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) Aquarius natives may enjoy a happy family life. Company of kids and elders alike is likely to help you relax and de-stress from the daily grind. Your health may be positively affected by it. Regular physical exercises and dietary modifications may improve your overall wellbeing. Your love life may be all right. Being with your partner may keep you in a pleasant mood. You may have to careful in your financial dealings. Do not be duped by schemes that promise quick, easy and handsome returns. You may have to consult an expert before commitment. Your job front may be quite stressful. You may be unable to concentrate on work, which may hamper your outcome and also your chances of a well-deserved promotion. Undertake a vacation to get away from all of it for a while. Property matters are likely to be profitable. Students may perform up to the mark.

Aquarius Finance Today On the economic front, situation for Aquarius natives remains satisfactory. Unexpected monetary gains may be on the cards for some. However, expenses may rise and it may become difficult to balance your income and expenditure.

Aquarius Family Today On the domestic front, an exciting vacation with your loved ones may lift up your spirits. The atmosphere is likely to be peaceful at home, giving you enough scope to try your hands at a new hobby and relax.

Aquarius Career Today On the professional front, Aquarius natives may have to keep up with changing ways and pace of work. There are chances of you lagging behind. Subordinates may not provide aid. Your hard work may not receive recognition it deserves.

Aquarius Health Today On the health front, Aquarius natives need to control their dietary urges to keep weight in check. However, your chakras are strong and you are likely to enjoy a feeling of wellbeing. Yoga may keep you at peace.

Aquarius Love Life Today Single Aquarius natives are likely to charm their way into the heart of an interesting personality. You may hit it off well. However, do not make haste in taking the relationship to the next level as it may make you regret later.

Lucky Number: 18

Lucky Colour: Rose

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