Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 14: It’s an emotional roller coaster


By, Shri Kashi Pandit Jyotish Upasna Kindra

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Capricorn’s are serious workaholic people. Your work, profession and dreams, goals keep you happy. Boredom cannot be handled by you so you want some or the other thing to keep them busy and happy. Being successful and having their hard work paid off and making their parents proud, seeing smiles on your parents’ face are some of the things that keep you going. You love bold look to express yourself, either in office or outside. The day is going to be a roller coaster between emotional and practical matters. The movements of the planets ensure that you are likely to be emotional in the morning and are going to judge different matters based on your emotional responses. Travel plans are not in your favour.

Capricorn Finance Today

Are you trying your luck in winning a lucky draw? If yes, then today is the day! Your planetary positions suggest that you can enjoy flow of money from unexpected sources. There are opportunities for you to buy land or property. If you are planning to buy valuable assets, time is in your favour.


Capricorn Family Today

You will get complete happiness from your children. In case of marriage, there will be favourable times for you. Overall, your domestic front looks happy and promising.

Capricorn Career Today

If you have resigned from your job, you will finally get the opportunity to follow your passion. Those in business are soon likely to get a chance that will widen your horizons.

Capricorn Health Today

You have been eating a lot of junk food lately. This can have a negative impact on your digestion system. If you have been negligent about your health, this is your time to cut back on junk food.

Capricorn Love Life Today

Your partner has got a heart of gold. A couple of incidences will prove your partner’s worth to you. A desire for an intimate encounter is on the cards from both the sides.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Colour: Metallic Blue


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