Capricorn Daily Horoscope for December 15: Good news coming


CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Sometimes it’s the imperfections that makes you unique, dear. Some may convince you to go in a direction opposite to the one you have already decided. You may feel yourself falling behind on some important matters, and because of this you may want to plow ahead to get everything done on time. However, remember haste makes waste. Even though it seems counterintuitive and it may seem like a waste of your time you need to stop for a moment and plan and prioritize your list go about your day by strategizing and not by panicking.


Capricorn Finance Today

Get a run for your money or you may end up with the fool’s gold. Trusting your partner is a good thing but being blind is not. Observe the things happening around and you might get to know the actual things happening within. Pay attention to the work rather than depending on others. 

Capricorn Family Today

Seems like an auspicious day as you are going to receive some very good news soon. An event worth celebrating is near in the family. It’s time for all to unite and celebrate and fill the air with the magic of love and happiness. Things may go well and everyone will be overjoyed enjoying the happy times making the golden memories. 

Capricorn Career Today

Your work may give you chills and shocks one after the other whether you were at fault or not. This is the day when you need to exercise caution especially when you got to send something in writing to someone. Avoid signing any documents today as things may bounce back with no good. Do not let your personal responsibilities hover upon your professional front – certainly not a day to take chances!

Capricorn Health Today

You may find yourself in high spirits. Your energy and activeness will make your work with full enthusiasm. You may carve something sweet by the evening. Don’t stop yourself from eating what your soul demands. 

Capricorn Love Life Today

Take a step back. Stress doesn’t give you the right to curb your partners position. Remember denial is seldom a good practice. Your professional frustrations can lead to disputes on a big level. If you want them to understand you, be patient and explain your stand clearly, maybe you may get all the affection and support you are secretly hoping for. 

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Colour: Pink


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