Capricorn Horoscope Today: Daily Predictions, May 19, '22 states, a blissful day


CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

This is an excellent day on the professional front. You may have plenty of reasons to be proud of. Some may get new job offers, while others may get promoted to higher positions. Handsome salary package may improve your financial condition and allow you to fulfil your wishes and dreams. Some may be focused on designing and decorating their home or office.

You may also feel good about your family and your kids or siblings may do good on the academic or career front. Your parents may come to stay with you and it may bring immense pleasure to you. Nothing complicated is foreseen on the health front, but still, you need to take care. Your partner or spouse may not be happy with your rude behaviour and attitude, so try to focus on your love life too.

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How have stars planned your day? Read ahead:

Capricorn Finance Today: Financial gains are foreseen, you are going to make some extra money today. You may see steady rise in your income. Those wanting a loan will get the full amount at a good interest rate.

Capricorn Family Today: This is a good day and you may enjoy company of relatives. House warming or birthday celebration preparation may keep you occupied all day long, but it does not stop you from having fun.

Capricorn Career Today: You may realize self-worth after getting promoted to a higher position at work. You may have to travel to meet prospective clients today, so you should be well prepared for making a good impression on their mind.

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Capricorn Health Today: This is not a good day on the health front. You may make new friends or catch up with old ones. You may catch some seasonal diseases, so be cautious.

Capricorn Love Life Today: Day does not seem good on the love front. If you are planning to take your partner to a romantic destination, then postpone it.

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Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Color: White

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