Capricorn Horoscope Today, Sept 21, 2022: Don't be aggressive


CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21) This is a moderate day; you may face some issues on the home front. Avoid being angry or aggressive over these issues and try to find potential solutions to your personal matters. You may enjoy good health and work hard to ensure good mental health too. It’s good to start meditating five minutes before you sleep, it may give you peace of mind. Some may have to travel abroad to pursue their higher education or to increase their customer base. Those who have been planning to change jobs or get the salary package they deserve may get lucky today. Some wonderful work or job offers are indicated.

Your caring nature may impress your love partner and it may bring her or him closer to you. Some may invest in mutual funds or buy a life insurance policy.

What else is there to know about the day? Read ahead:

Capricorn Finance Today: You may not experience any financial crisis, but it is still advisable to avoid any huge expenses. Cards suggest to play safe on the financial front. Do proper research before investing in the stock market or any other lucrative deal.

Capricorn Family Today: Elders may get a bit disappointed as they don’t get desired attention from family members. Children may also make the situation worse by not obeying their parents, thus making them angry.

Capricorn Career Today: Some may get recognized for their hard work and outstanding performance at work. The recognition may come as a promotion or a raise. Those in business may experience good sales or may get a new client.

Capricorn Health Today: You may enjoy good health today. However, being consistent in following a healthy lifestyle is always a good habit. Those suffering from a prolonged health ailment may experience some improvement. Regular workout routine may get you good results.

Capricorn Love Life Today: You may get a surprise from your lover or spouse. Romance is in the air and those waiting to propose to their love interest may go for it today. A long running dispute among married couples may get resolved today.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Color: Yellow

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