Career Horoscope Today 16 November, 2022: Work life brings worrisome situations


Aries: Now is the moment to decide whether or not you want to remain in your present job position. On the one hand, you may take pride in your independence to seek out new career opportunities. However, sticking to what you know to be genuine might help you feel more at ease and genuine. If you give it some thought, you could discover that you don’t need to look too far to stay motivated.

Taurus: Today, you may be debating whether it’s better to follow the safe route in your professional life or to truly go for broke and take some chances. Right now, it’s important to consider every available alternative and thoroughly analyse the benefits and disadvantages of each. If you’re still early in your career, you may as well take a risk on a promising professional path.

Gemini: Get serious about your plans now when it comes to your career. You may have been discussing your future plans and the people you want to collaborate with. Fortunately, you can have trust and take a chance. Instead of hoping a co-worker would be able to assist, you should use this moment as a spark of inspiration to really do what you say you’re going to do.

Cancer: Success in life right now is proportional to how hard you work in your current job. If you put in the effort, your long-term career plan will be successful and help you achieve your goals. Today is a day to stay the course, as your efforts will pay off in the future. If you can keep your mind on the prize, nothing will be able to derail you. Stay focused and fulfil your commitments.

Leo: It’s possible that you’re feeling stuck in a rut with some of your efforts today. In the near term, it’s best to put off starting any new tasks. You have lofty goals, but you don’t know how to achieve them, and you’re starting to feel a little down about your chances of ever getting there. Keeping your spirits up and practising persistence are two goals for today. It’s not about the destination, but the road there!

Virgo: How you feel and what you think about work is what matters most today. Leaving behind familiar habits or even a place of employment might signal a shift in priorities. If you’ve come to the conclusion that your professional life is getting a bit too intense, taking care of yourself should be your first concern. One’s outlook on work can be transformed by cultivating mental steadiness.

Libra: What you do today will decide your future career path. It’s imperative that you keep your mind on the task at hand and keep your focus sharp at all times. What you do well is something you should specify and describe. Build up your technical chops and your ability to collaborate with your co-workers. You’ll be able to do your best job and have fun doing it if you do this.

Scorpio: It is time to invest in the right people. Consider who of your professional connections is valuable enough to maintain. Think about how much you’ve done for them, how much they’ve done for you, if there are any limits in place, and if the relationship has consistently matched your expectations. Focus on strengthening the relationships with those who won’t let you down professionally.

Sagittarius: Relinquish your need to constantly be in charge. Your financial habits need to be examined. Your preoccupation with money may indicate that you have difficulty letting go of problems or accepting your current situation. There might be safety in numbers if you stick together. Feel more at ease talking about your financial situation with your business partners and advisor.

Capricorn: Having doubts about your talents might make you hesitant to begin a work project or do an activity that you would typically jump into with gusto. You may help a colleague, or try out a new activity you’ve been curious about. Your confidence in yourself should never waver, but if and when it does, remind yourself that perseverance is often just as crucial as natural ability.

Aquarius: Happy people become better workers. Values may be shifting today, maybe in a way that is hard to pinpoint but easy to feel. You can decide that it’s time to stop hoping and start doing in order to achieve your career goals. Don’t sit on your hands and wait for the right time or person to provide assistance. You now have all you need to start making your dreams a reality.

Pisces: You tend to get nervous when the spotlight is on you. You can’t always rely on your wits to come up with the proper phrases. You should have more self-assurance today when speaking with influential individuals. Communicating effectively with customers, employees, and superiors is essential. Right now is the time to put your best foot forward and shine.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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