Colours and Astrology: Find out which colour suits you the best


Aries: Aries is a fire sign that exudes confidence. They like to light up ever room that they enter and want the attention all to themselves. Thus, a color as bold and encouraging as red would suit this wild sign.

Taurus: Taureans you are a sign that represents femininity in it is true sense. You tend to be a little shy yet come out to be strong and sensual at times. The colors that make you feel your best self can be bright colors like pink and cherry red.

Gemini: This year is a free-spirited one for you. With you trying to broaden your horizons in all compartments of your life, a color as bright as your thoughts is the one for you. Wear that yellow-coloured outfit and take a step forward towards a better you Gemini.

Cancer: Purity is simple and so are you. You feel as deeply as you think. Thus, white is your color. The calmness that surrounds you follows everyone that becomes a part of your life and so you wear this color with pride.

Leo: A lion never backs down. He would rather win it all. Shine bright like a diamond Leo! Colors like golden and occur yellow which make you feel confident in your skin are the ones for you. Hold your head high and face everything heads on in life when you imbibe what you are with these colors.

Virgo: Chill it out! Serene surroundings are something that will surround you throughout the year. You will find peace in nature. So, make green your color and trust your perfectionist self to look perfect in it.

Libra: Violet, lilac or lavender are colors that will suit your soft and sensitive self. Grace and glamour find a perfect combination in you and all you need to do is accept yourself as you are and keep striving to be the best version of yourself.

Scorpio: Hey you! You bold and strong-headed person. Any color that you wear will gel well with your personality. Though a color that you must try out is brown. Style your outfits while experimenting with this color.

Sagittarius: You are cool! A bit too much sometimes, but that carefree nature of yours is transgresses into your relationships with people. You calm down the overthinkers and are rather cool with sorting out your own thoughts. Blue is your color as you maintain a steady flight in the skies of your life.

Capricorn: Black is lit and so are you! Your hardworking self knows their worth. You know what it takes to experience victory and therefore, once you achieve it you carry yourself with a deserved pride. One might take some lessons in life from you, Capricorn.

Aquarius: Orange and its shades are something you should try out Aquarius. You are adventurous but also have certain things that have been a constant in your life. Some hobbies or memories that you hold dear and near and keep them to yourselves. The range of shades in this color matches the range of shades of your emotion from a peachy calm one to a bright orange.

Pisces: Turquoise is a color that you may find yourself vibing with. You are a layered personality, Pisces and therefore, to understand you one would have to be real close to you. The color matches you in how it is a perfect mix of different colors but stands on its own as one itself. Your creative, happy-go-lucky self can feel you in this colour.



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