Gemini Daily Horoscope for Dec 13: Business rivals may try to trick you


GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)

This is a average day and you need to be cautious on the professional front. Some business deals or meetings may not turn out favourable to you, but you should stay alert and try to find a suitable way to deal with them. Homemakers may feel energetic and excited today and plan to visit their relatives or friends. Some exciting activities are foreseen on the home front, so try to be a part of it.

Some may plan adventurous trips or may go on trekking or hiking. Those who have been planning to buy their dream house may get some good opportunities to make it possible. 

How have your planets decided for you today? Read ahead!

Gemini Finance Today

You have a stable financial condition and now you are in a position to buy your own home or splurge on an expensive car. Some may reap rewards from past investments or earn a handsome profit from a property deal.

Gemini Family Today

This is an excellent day on the family front. Those who are on family trips may enjoy memorable and wonderful moments with loved ones. Someone in the family may get engaged soon.

Gemini Career Today

You should be cautious on the professional front. Your business rivals may try to trick you, so be careful. Some may have to spend extra hours in the office in order to complete pending tasks.

Gemini Health Today

You feel more composed, energetic, relaxed and calm than ever. Some may plan to enjoy some thrilling activities with friends today. Some may take some major decisions on the health front.

Gemini Love Life Today

Things seem okay on the love front. You may spend quality time with your spouse or lover. Your partner may be impressed with your caring attitude and shower love upon you, so cheer up.

Lucky Number: 15

Lucky Colour: Sea Green

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