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Aries: Today you may perform better, kids’ health is better now. You can plan to make some investments for the kid’s future. You are likely to be more loyal towards your job. Job seekers may find a good job with the help of reference. You may be able to find your hidden enemies and with the help of blessings you may counter them.
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Taurus: Today, your mothers’ health may be good. You may enjoy your work, you may get rewards after your hard work. Your social respect may be increased now. Overworking of your mind may make you tired, due to workload; you may not be able to reach some family event.
Gemini: Today you may be satisfied at work. You may plan for a short work related trip. You may also visit some religious places to maintain your inner peace. Your gurus may show you the right path, which may give you clarity in regarding your goals.
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Cancer: Today you may feel dull; it is advised to keep your mind cool, it’s a golden rule for you to think twice before doing anything. You may travel to recover your money; otherwise you may lose your money. You are also advised to avoid going for an adventure tour. Students are advised to go for in depth study to get success.
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Leo: Today you may feel good, domestic harmony may make you happy. You may meet some influential person to get some benefits in the work front. You may be likely to perform well in your job, you may expect some rewards in terms of promotions. Disputes in inherited property may likely settle down.
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Today, you may be busy with kids, you may plan to invest in kids’ futures. You are likely to start innovation in partnership. You may get some investments in your business, which will increase your business in near future. You may also plan for higher studies for grooming your career path.
Today, you may find yourself in a self analysis state, which will bring some confidence in you. Your focus towards your goals is now clear, you may get success to achieve your goal. Your creativity might improve and you will take interest in artefacts, movies, glamour and real life objects. At the end of the day, you may be satisfied with your life. Your opponents may be under control now.
Today, you may help needy people around you. It will increase your reputation among your surroundings. New ideas may come into your mind, you are likely to help other people around you. You might implement the innovation into the work, which may increase your business. Love birds may plan for outings or some adventure tours.
Today, you may be busy in domestic issues. You may spend money buying some artefacts or household stuff. You are advised to control spending on worthless stuff, otherwise it may attract negative energy in the house. You are also advised to control your harsh speaking with the people around you.
Today your spiritual power may make you happy. Your way of thinking may be positive. You are inclined to spiritualism today. You may plan to visit some religious place. You may also take interest in occult science. You are likely to observe flawlessness in your nature. It is advised to keep your views with you only, try to discuss with those people, who may understand your frequency.
Today, you may feel nervous, you have lack of patience, for seeking peace you may be attracted by occultism, it is advised to follow your intuition before going ahead. You may also get deep knowledge on a subject or you may have a good focus towards your research.
Today, your moon is placed in a good position, you may expect some positive momentum in professional and domestic life. They are likely to expect gains in terms of your investments. You may get reciprocation of your help from your friends and relatives. Your hard work may pay you in terms of success.
, Shri Kashi Pandit Jyotish Upasna kendra, is a kashi-based sansthan expert in astrology, numerology, palmistry, and Vastu. . Over the last several years, he has consulted clients from the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Australia, Turkey, France, Italy, South Africa, and Germany


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