Love and Relationship Horoscope for August 10, 2022


Aries: Your romantic life may be characterised by an excessive amount of flash and an inadequate amount of actual emotion which can lead to some dissatisfaction. It is possible that you will cross paths with a person who boasts about their appearance and abilities but who ultimately fails to live up to their claims and is a let-down. Maintain a safe distance from them; someone more capable is on their way.

Taurus: You’re more likely to feel at ease when interacting with those you already know and trust, whom you can shower with affection and nourish you physically and emotionally. Today brings with it a slightly novel experience. Someone you just met could seem interesting at first, but they aren’t interested in a serious relationship with you. Don’t give up; win their affection by first making an effort into their mind.

Gemini: When it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes enlisting the assistance of a neutral person is the only way out of a difficult predicament. In order to successfully solve the issue, you need to seek out the assistance and direction of a knowledgeable someone who can provide you with direction and guidance. By the time you finish the discussion, you will have a more optimistic outlook toward each other.

Cancer: You will get the opportunity to take care of any emotional concerns that you have today. Don’t try to hold back your wants like you normally do; instead, convey what it is that you crave. Make an effort to come up with innovative approaches to romance! Till now, you have only discussed matters pertaining to your work life. Your balance is dependent on how willing you are to expose yourself to other people.

Leo: Today, you should make an effort to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the emotional lives of individuals who are closest to you. Your heightened sensitivity to the feelings of other people may inspire you to express your own emotions in a more creative manner. Along the same lines, today is an ideal time to go on a date. Get some fresh air and explore a new location to go out with your partner.

Virgo: Today, you could find yourself experiencing feelings of both frustration and loneliness. Your only want is to have a pleasant evening with the person you find most romantic in your life. It is possible, however, that your partner may not be able to make time for you due to the demands of their professional life. Keep your chin up. It is only a matter of time before you both will be back together.

Libra: In spite of the fact that today might be somewhat more sombre than normal, if you and another person share a close personal connection, this might really help you both become more connected. It is likely that you will need to have a conversation about making some practical arrangements or working through contracts in order to assist you both in tying your respective affairs together.

Scorpio: It is likely that the person you have been interested in marrying will send you some encouraging signs. You may give it a shot by making a proposal, as the likelihood of receiving the response you were hoping for is great. In the same vein, don’t let yourself become disheartened if it doesn’t produce instant results. Maintain your patience while you keep up your efforts to bring about great results.

Sagittarius: You will find that today brings you luck in love. You will have a greater chance of getting involved in a romantic relationship with a fascinating new person. Be sure that your motives are genuine and that the decisions you make will move you closer to the kind of intimate partnership you envision for yourself. You have the potential to make this romantic beginning into something incredibly meaningful.

Capricorn: As some of the tensions that have been building up over the previous several days begin to ease, there is reason to be optimistic about one’s love chances today. Taking the time to talk things out and being upfront with your partner about your intentions is one of the best ways to clear up any misunderstandings. You need to get everything out of your system before the end of the day.

Aquarius: Your partner appears to be more interested in concentrating on the more ethereal sides of the relationship, whilst you are undoubtedly more attuned to the more tangible components; therefore, you may need to have a conversation about this. You have the opportunity to learn about the goals and aspirations of your beloved today, which may provide you with a great deal of knowledge about them.

Pisces: You can relax and be who you really want to be today since your charisma will attract everyone around. Everyone you meet will be instantly enamoured with your vivacious spirit. When you go out with your pals, people will notice your unique character and want to know more about you. The day holds many opportunities so make the most of it. Do not bluff about who you are, be honest.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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