Love and Relationship Horoscope for July 9, 2022


Aries: Your loved one may be looking for a new experience today, but you may not be able to keep up with him or her. As a rule, you’d be all in, but you’re not quite in the appropriate frame of mind at the moment. It’s time to reassess your existing focus areas and goals. You may be willing to spend time on an experience that meets your requirements.

Taurus: You and your partner are more likely to get into an argument today, so be on the lookout. Neither you nor your partner may desire to depart from your usual routine. If you are single, consider whether or not you’d be better off with an established and familiar relationship or one that’s completely new.

Gemini: Today is going to be a great day to spend time with your significant other. The idea of spending time at home sounds energising. You and your loved one should spend the day doing things like cooking, shopping, or watching a wonderful movie together. You should savour the time since your partner will offer you more attention than ever.

Cancer: You will adopt a carefree attitude towards your love life today. It’s possible that your lover will find you amusing and will like to confide in you. You will discuss your feelings with your partner and will have a beautiful time. If you are single, you may like to pen down your thoughts and let out your hidden desires.

Leo: When it comes to relationships, today might not be the best day. It’s possible that you have a hard time managing your feelings which can make you unpredictable. The difficult part will be learning how to deal with the emotional strain. Listening to music that you find romantic might help you relax and gather your thoughts.

Virgo: In terms of your romantic relationships, you’re waging a lost cause. There are some disagreements that are pointless to have, but they can provide light on the nature of the person you’re arguing with. It’s possible that you’ll get the urge to sever ties and give up. It would, however, be just as easy to call off the argument.

Libra: Today’s focus will be on ensuring consistency. You may be a little unsure about yourself and your mate. You may expect a lot from your partner, but he or she isn’t being committed to you. It will be easier for you to progress if you work on improving your relationships with the people around you and give them priority.

Scorpio: You can be at a dilemma in your life where you must decide whether to act now or never. It’s possible that your level of impatience has reached its breaking point, and it can be challenging to hide your frustration. There are times when it’s preferable to be friends rather than lovers because you both want to have fun together.

Sagittarius: You may wonder if you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to compassion. Make an effort to be more receptive and forgiving. When there is a breakdown in communication, things may give the impression of being one way, but upon further reflection, you may find that they are actually quite different.

Capricorn: In order to stabilise your relationship, you need to give importance to money and finance. You and your partner can’t seem to agree on how to handle finances. It’s understandable if you’re discouraged by issues with your own finances. Consider consulting a third party if you’re willing to work through the issue.

Aquarius: Regardless of the current state of your relationship, your love always finds a way to get you through it and give you an extra shot of motivation. You may discover that you are doing more effort than your fair part, but there are moments when you must offer everything you have. Things will come into their own in the end.

Pisces: Curious about who you love or want to know more about? That’s what an unexpected discussion with a partner or ex can do. While it may feel like the last thing on your mind, if it makes sense and brings you joy, you should follow your heart and return to your connections. Be mindful of how the other person is feeling about this situation.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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