Love and Relationship Horoscope for May 17, 2022


Aries: In certain aspects of your life, it may seem as though love has come to a complete halt. You could be impulsive and want things to happen right now. You may be caught up in the excitement of the prospect of a new relationship, but you need to wait and be patient. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Give things some time and let them come to you.

Taurus: In any good relationship, communication is essential. It’s important to openly discuss your thoughts and feelings with a loved one and get their thoughts on the matter. If you’re single, be prepared to tell your crush about your emotions. Writing a brief message and sharing it with the person may be a good option.

Gemini: An increase in your intuitive talents may make you more aware of the thoughts, feelings, and desires of people in your immediate vicinity. Your communication will be straightforward and open as a consequence, and you’ll be closer to your love partner as a result of this. However, use your own judgement while taking any feedback from them.

Cancer: You shouldn’t let the ups and downs in your romantic life bother you. It’s fine if some people don’t approve of your relationship; not everyone has to. You can’t let other people’s negative opinions about your love life get to you. The only thing you can do is work toward becoming the finest partner you possibly can be and demonstrate your sincerity.

Leo: Relationship concerns are dominating your thoughts at the moment. Whether you are currently committed or not, it’s likely that you’re being a bit idealistic about the love you want to attract in your life. You are advised to think through your choices clearly and be more realistic to get going in your love life. Else, things will only get delayed.

Virgo: If you are single then expect some new development in your love life. Even if you’re not looking for a relationship, you never know where life will take you, so be open and flexible. If you are committed, then expect the relationship to move to the next level. A marriage proposal or some other kind of commitment can be forthcoming soon.

Libra: When you fall in love, you will have intense feelings, and you may have a tendency to be possessive of the person you love. You should make an effort to keep your feelings under control. If you can maintain your patience and offer your partner the space they require, you will both feel happier in the long run.

Scorpio: Make it a priority to show your loved ones some appreciation today. Be accepting of their actions rather than picking a fight with them about the things they are doing wrong. Give them the impression that you care for them despite the peculiar behaviour they exhibit. You never know how big of an impact your words have on someone else.

Sagittarius: This is not the time to keep things to yourself; it is better to communicate openly how you feel when life gets uncertain. IF you are facing any issues in your life with your partner without the fear of being judged. Your partner can be there to support and console you only if they know about it. Trust them and take their feedback.

Capricorn: You and the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with will form a profound emotional connection. As long as you keep a healthy dose of realism in your approach, the connection won’t be affected. Your intelligent demenour will impress your partner. However, you must make an effort to understand them patiently.

Aquarius: Today, you are in the mood to talk about how it feels to be in love. Normally, you don’t display your emotional side, but once in a while it is okay to show your caring and protective attitude. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised to see this and will cherish this for a long time. Let the relation flourish with an extra dose of emotion.

Pisces: Before you start dating, be honest with both yourself and your partner about what you’re looking for. If you’ve been squandering your connections, you’re going to learn a crucial lesson today. Relationships are more than simply a random meeting; it is a journey where both must collaborate and respect each other.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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