Love and Relationship Horoscope for September 17, 2022


Aries: Someone you care dearly about might strike you as too unorthodox for your refined tastes. Although you have a lot of affection for them, you are concerned about them due to the erratic behaviour that they exhibit. However, the meeting that you arranged with them demonstrates that, in spite of their weird behaviour, they still have a truly tender element in them. You will get along smoothly.

Taurus: By taking a chance on love, you may fully embrace the upbeat and enthusiastic energy that the day has to offer. If you’ve been getting multiple requests to go on dates but you’ve been too uninspired to accept them, it’s possible that it’s time to shake things up a bit and actually go on one of those dates. Put your concerns and hang-ups to the side and go have some fun. You deserve it.

Gemini: Today is your fortunate day if you’re searching for the perfect romantic experience. Think of all the fun moments you’ve had together and the memories you’ve created over the years. Either spend the day together in a romantic atmosphere that you create at home or go out for a good meal and a stroll. Throughout the day, you will find that you are drawing closer to one another.

Cancer: You will discover today that even for a someone as unconventional as yourself, life is still packed with pleasant surprises. You will find yourself admiring your date’s expansiveness, generosity, and creative energy, which will turn out to be an exciting and unforgettable event. You will come to the realisation that the two of you have a unique relationship that ought to be treasured.

Leo: Indulge in some risk-taking in your relationship with the object of your affection. Experiment with new things, visit areas you’ve never been before, and figure out how to incorporate the unusual into your daily routines. Any relationship has the potential to turn sour due to routine, but if both partners are willing to experiment with new things, it may do wonders for the connection.

Virgo: If you want anything good to happen to you today, ensure you follow the less conventional route to accomplishing your goal. Unconventionality is the way to go, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships. If you have been looking for somebody who has the same distinctive outlook on life as you have, then you might be in luck. But how and where you find them will be a complete surprise.

Libra: Your feelings for your significant other will grow stronger today. It’s important to keep your grounding and not let go of reality, so be sure to do just that. Don’t let yourself lose your faculties in the euphoria of love; instead, invest emotionally, since this person may be able to help you recover. Lower your guard a little, but it’s important to maintain vigilance and not rush things in this relationship.

Scorpio: Someone interesting will enter your life today. Be wary, as this person may be on the lookout for a new partner simply because they recently ended a relationship. Spend some time getting to know them, but don’t jump into anything serious just yet. If you need more time, go ahead and take it. You also shouldn’t hurry into a commitment that has no shot at succeeding.

Sagittarius: When you meet someone today who sparks your interest, the urge to flirt with them will be strong. It’s possible that this incredibly attractive person works in your office. But calm down, because at best, this individual will view you as a friend and nothing more. Be cautious and try not to show your true feelings. Since you are so open, your heart could easily be broken. Thus, be careful!

Capricorn: Things aren’t looking great in your romantic life right now, but you can improve them with some persistence. You and your significant other have decided to take some time apart to reignite the passion in your relationship that has been buried under the stress of daily life. Also, you’ll be able to give each other your undivided attention, which will help your relationship recover and even flourish.

Aquarius: Today is the day you finally experience real passion. It’s riskier to hold back on expressing your enthusiasm and embracing your sensual side, but holding back could result in superficial connections and missed romantic prospects. When you’re willing to put yourself out there and have some fun, you can discover some things about yourself that could improve your relationships.

Pisces: Your significant other is likely to be surprised and even delighted by anything you do today. Possibly you’ll have a powerful want to pursue your love in a way that’s completely unique and full of raging passion. So be a little innovative and plan surprises for your partner. It can be a simple one like planning a get together of her close friends. If you are single, put yourself out there and make the first move.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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