Love and Relationship Horoscope for September 2, 2022


Aries: Today, you should prioritise your personal happiness above all else. Maintaining a cheerful mental attitude is more important than achieving any other goal. You might be correct in assuming that your connection needs some work, but for now the best method to deepen a connection is to concentrate on both experiencing and sharing joy with one another. You shouldn’t feel guilty about this since you truly deserve it.

Taurus: All the swoon-worthy happenings of the day are occurring first and foremost in your mind. Analysing it first is prudent and good, since it can bring enormous insight from deep within your mind. It is only natural to run into the arms of a lover and immediately begin rambling about everything that is going through your head. This must be taken slowly, step by step, after it has been absorbed and assimilated.

Gemini: The ability to accurately assess one’s worth is crucial. Add some glitz to your approach to courtship and relationships. Whether you are currently single or in a committed relationship, this is a fantastic time to reflect on the fact that no matter how much money you have, your heart is worth much more, and your partner should treat you like that. Love yourself right now and expect the same from others.

Cancer: Today, you can run into some resistance in the relationships you have. It’s possible that your romantic encounters are causing strain. You will rapidly find success if you are able to refrain from becoming overly protective or aggressive. Before you respond to your significant other in an argument, take a deep breath, calm down, and listen to what they are saying with all of your attention.

Leo: Someone sees you as the centre of their love galaxy. It’s possible that several people, including some former flames, are thinking about you. If you have highly developed psychic abilities, having so many people’s energies thrown at you at once may be too much to handle. If someone flashes into your head out of the blue, you might want to send them a text and start a conversation.

Virgo: You could feel lonely and isolated today. You’re the type of person who would do everything for the people they care about, and you have a lot of love to give. You are either completely single or your present romantic interest is out of town. Think about treating yourself to something lovely by going out and shopping. After that, treat yourself and a friend to a delectable lunch.

Libra: Today can be a particularly downer for the singles. Those around you in a steady relationship may have plans today, while you’ll be returning home on your own. Relax! The vast majority of people in committed relationships may not be happy. They have their own issues and can experience intense feelings of isolation and frustration at times. Being a single person has its benefits. Enjoy yourself and live in the moment now.

Scorpio: It’s likely that you’ll encounter some irritability today from your romantic partner. Remember that this person’s reaction or mood is not necessarily related to something you did or said, but can be due to their professional setup. Don’t bother your partner any further till they’ve gotten over it. Do not plan on attending any collective social activities today or extending invites to others today.

Sagittarius: At this time, it’s easy to be carried away by fantasies of a life of romance, travel, and sensual pleasure with your special someone. You could feel like ignoring the real world in favour of daydreaming. Focus on what you want to happen in the future rather than what you haven’t finished till now. You can worry about those stuff when you get back and are fully able to concentrate.

Capricorn: It’s not uncommon for unexpected good fortune to strike when we least expect it. A wonderful financial objective that you and your partner have been fantasising about may suddenly become within your reach. Perhaps you have a new lease on an apartment or a refund. Let go of your suspicions about the universe’s motivations and learn to enjoy its blessings instead.

Aquarius: While you are keen to understand your partner and are ready to compromise wherever required, today you may not find the environment to be supportive. You and that person can end up having a fight or drifting further apart, even though you have the best of intentions. You might be required to put in a little bit of extra effort right now, but you should persevere through it since everything will finally work out.

Pisces: The degree of self-confidence is on the rise. Now that you have discovered the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it is natural for you to experience passionate feelings and to feel compelled to express them. As your self-assurance increases, you’ll find that you have the capacity to be more outgoing and to put yourself out there. Leave your inhibitions aside for now.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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