Lunar Eclipse on May 16, 2022: How it will impact different zodiac signs


The first lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) of the year will occur on May 16, 2022 from 8:59 am to 10.23 am at India time. This will be a Full Lunar Eclipse and will not be visible in India. For this reason, the Sutak will not be applicable in India. This lunar eclipse will occur in Scorpio sign and Visakha nakshatra during the Purnima Tithi of Shukla Paksha. The fact that Buddha Purnima falls on the same day as the eclipse adds to the significance of the event. Let’s look at how this will affect the various zodiac signs.

Aries: This eclipse will occur in your domain of blockage and unpredictability. As a result, you should avoid any type of conflict or danger. Be cautious when driving since you might get an injury. Those who are married must be aware of and concerned about their in-laws’ health. At the same time, refrain from being casual with your health.

Taurus: The eclipse will fall in your relationship sector. Married couples are advised to be cautious of their interpersonal interactions. Avoid ego conflicts with your spouse, as this can lead to animosity. Even your spouse might suffer from health issues. Businesspeople should build their relationships with their partners and maintain adequate transparency.

Gemini: Your area of health and competition will be affected by the eclipse. At work, your adversaries or competitors may be present, and your workload may suddenly skyrocket. Some of you may be experiencing digestive and stomach problems. At this time, avoid taking out any new loans. Stay healthy and fit by working out on a regular basis.

Cancer: The eclipse will unfold in your decision-making and love life areas. Your love relationship will be in better shape than normal at this time. You will have your lover’s complete support and will be able to relieve your tension with their assistance. Married couples must look after their children’s health since they may contract an illness. Avoid taking any important decisions.

Leo: This eclipse will have an influence on your happiness and mother in your life. You will have sufficient family support. You will get your mother’s devotion, but you should be cautious regarding her health. You will also be able to liberate yourself from financial restraints. Avoid making any land or property investments. Prepare to shoulder greater household responsibilities.

Virgo: The eclipse will move across your travel and mental stability zones. This may result in emotional distress. You could be uneasy, which can make you feel insecure. This will have the greatest impact on your capacity to make decisions. Your younger siblings may be affected by the health issue. Improve your communication abilities by speaking clearly.

Libra: The eclipse will have an effect on your family and finances. Be cautious with your cash and assets at this period and avoid taking any unnecessary risks. Spend time with your family and take care of any outstanding concerns. Some of you may be dealing with eye problems, so monitor the situation. Sometimes, your choice of words and speech may do harm to others.

Scorpio: The eclipse will occur in your personal and emotional realm. This is the time when you must reflect on your life objectives and accept full responsibility for your actions. You’ll feel more self-conscious during this time, which might be detrimental to your relationships. Maintain a healthy balance in all aspects of your life. Any minor injury should be avoided.

Sagittarius: The eclipse will occur in your region of loss and expenditures. As a consequence, any unanticipated incident might cause your spending to skyrocket. This is an excellent opportunity for company owners to invest in long-term growth rather than hazardous short-term ventures. Some of you may have to change jobs as well. Maintain a calming impact at your workplace.

Capricorn: The eclipse will fall in your gain and aspiration zone. This is a fantastic moment for your finances since you can grow your income and simplify new streams of earnings. Your friends will be supportive and will assist you in achieving your objectives. Maintain harmony in your relationships with older siblings. A change in your spouse’s employment is possible.

Aquarius: The eclipse will descend on your professional and social position. You will become more aware of your image and reputation as a result of this. New job alternatives may arise, and you should carefully consider them. Those in business must take it slowly and carefully monitor daily transactions. Some of you will be looking for fresh pastures to better your lifestyle.

Pisces: This eclipse will occur in your region of long journeys and spiritual pursuits. As a result, your viewpoint is likely to become spiritual. Be ethical in all you do and trust in your karma. Taking your father’s guidance will assist you in making the best decisions for your life. This is an excellent time to arrange a long trip, ideally to a sacred location.


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