Not sure what to wear this Diwali? Here are your lucky colors as per astrology


Diwali is all about lighting up your life and your surroundings. If you’re still unsure of what to wear this Diwali, simply gaze at the stars and let astrology be your stylist. Choose your outfits based on the auspicious colors you should wear this Diwali.

Aries- Red

At a Diwali party, this color will bring out your best qualities and catch people’s attention. Your confidence will increase, and you’ll feel instantly happier. Choose a red outfit, and you’re good to go.

Taurus- Blue

This Diwali, opt for the neutral color blue to look sleek and bold. For jewelry, It is strongly advised that Taurus natives use blue sapphire at all times as it is the most auspicious and beneficial stone for them.

Gemini- Orange

This festive season, you should choose a lively color like orange for your sign. It will beautifully highlight your upbeat personality. You can pair it with neutral tones as well as with tans and browns to make an amazing match.

Cancer- Green

Being a cancer, you look out for colors and attires that have a special significance. Since you are nature lovers, green is the color you should wear on this auspicious event to resonate with green peace.

Leo- Brown

These sun loving babies love to express themselves with their attires. Under the beautiful yellow tinted lights of Diwali, you should go with the bold and classy color brown.

Virgo- White

This zodiac sign is known for its sophisticated, elegant, and modest sense of style. Therefore, as a Virgo you should wear white. You can pair your subtle white outfits with some oxidized silver jewelry.

Libra- Yellow

Librans love to try out new colors and crazy combinations every now and then. This Diwali, for your traditional clothing, go with the vibrant color- yellow. Not everyone can pull this color off but you know you sure can!

Scorpio- Maroon

Being a Scorpio, your love for mysteries is huge. How about reflecting this in your Diwali outfit this year? A bold, intense rich maroon saree or suit would suit you and your magical personality the best.

Sagittarius- Purple

Sagittarians frequently find themselves drawn to sleek, polished and elegant fashion statements. The ideal Diwali attire for this sign is a purple saree or suit, this color will also highlight your high-spirited, bubbly personality.

Capricorn- Black

Intelligent, diligent and confident, you always want to be on top. This Diwali a black kurta or a black saree with embellishments would be the ideal traditional attire for you.

Aquarius- Grey

Aquarians are highly intellectual and practical. Grey as a color represents neutrality and balance. Grey is an excellent color choice for this zodiac sign to appear stunning and unique in their traditional wear, this Diwali.

Pisces- Pink

Pink is a color of opposites because it can make us think of both innocence and intense passion at the same time. This color perfectly highlights the personality of the artistic and mysterious Pisces.



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