Pisces Daily Horoscope for December 18: Look what your card says


PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)


“Don’t give the vanished days a backward look, remember there always is another chapter in the book”. Start from where you stand, the world won’t care about your old defeats, if you can start anew and win success. The future is your time and time is fleet. Forget the buried woes and deep despair. Don’t waste much time on worrying and try to share and show your real feelings to the people you love. An excellent day overall with a complete balance of emotions and elements. 


Pisces Finance Today

The celestial charts reflect the expansion in your financial budget on the front. If you have been thinking about investing then yes, it’s an auspicious time to do. Do it before things start changing and other planetary influences cast a shadow upon your chart. Handle the financial matters wisely. 

Pisces Family Today

You have a wonderful shelter, yes – your family! Sustain yourself with the love of family. Respect their love and opinions and they may respect yours. Strengthen the bond by open heart talks and communications. Remember no one may ever love you like your family. 

Pisces Career Today

Its time to know your value, identify your skills, and work accordingly. It’s good to work smart for success but not at the cost of hurting others. Bring yourself up but don’t grab others down. Improve yourself and never forget your values. Invest and trust in yourself, Pisces and you can achieve it all. 

Pisces Health Today

Life is better in running shoes, Pisces. Continue to work hard and focus on fitness. Eat leafy vegetables and a lot of nuts. Avoid eating butter and others trans fat. Don’t eat any cold things at night or it may not go well with your system. 

Pisces Love Life Today

Life is the flower for which love is honey. Being deeply loved will give you strength, courage. You may soon feel the good vibes again. Spend time with your partner and show them what they mean to you. 

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky Colour: Pink


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