Pisces Daily Horoscope for March 3: Turbulence in love


PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20) 


The favourable position of your stars will help you resolve all obstacles that were coming in your path earlier. You are likely to enjoy a good reputation at your workplace and will achieve pending targets in life with ease. A recent boost to your ego leaves you feel like you are walking on air. You would be in a mood to rejoice you recent success. Your friends and co-workers are helpful and appreciative of your efforts. Believing in yourself and in others too makes today a success. Public relations may take up a large chunk of your time but will pay rich dividends later on. Tact and perseverance will both serve you well. You can do no wrong in groups or social gatherings so let you charisma show. Reconnect with old friends and savour some cherished memories. It may bring a new insight. Take a journey to gain some insight into your own beliefs. Make time for self-care now to retain your winning edge. 


Pisces Finance Today 


Today, you could receive fresh opportunities to further your career and finances. You may be able to find various avenues of earning money. Businesspeople can strike overseas deals which will help you expand your footprint


Pisces Family Today 


On the personal front, your relationship with your children will improve and strengthen as you listen to them with an open mind. You should remain grateful to your family and friends who supported you in your difficult time and try to make extra efforts to keep them happy.


Pisces Career Today 


Your leadership qualities have been noticed and admired by co-workers and superiors alike. Enjoy the success that may come your way today. You’ve earned it. Perseverance and tact are essential in forging and maintaining long lasting bonds. So, be at your best on professional front. 


Pisces Health Today 


You are required to be vigilant regarding your health as your immunity is likely to remain weak. Avoid eating outside food and stay away from pollution and dust. Any medicine taken without proper medical advice can harm your health.




Pisces Love Life Today 


On the romantic front, there may be a few misunderstandings between you and your partner, which may worry you.  Your personal life may continue to test you and you are advised to maintain cordial relations with your spouse.


Lucky Number: 1

Lucky Colour: Peach


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