Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for December 29: Your efforts will be paid off


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

This is going to be a productive and enjoyable day. Some excellent gains are foreseen on the professional front. All your efforts may be paid off soon. Those who have been spending extra hours at the office to complete an important task may get appreciation and rewards. Superiors at work may patronize you in an amazing manner. 

Some may experience worldly pleasures, luxurious life and comforts. Your reputation may increase in your social circle. Healthwise, it is a fine day, so fret not. Good news is foreseen on the love front. Everything seems okay, you should avoid investing in any property deal today.

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Sagittarius Finance Today

This is a fine day on the financial front. Excellent gains are foreseen on the business front. Avoid investing your money in any kind of property today as stars are not in your favour.

Sagittarius Family Today

This is a casual day on the family front. You may have to attend a social event today. Homemakers may crave changes or try something new to break the monotonous routine.

Sagittarius Career Today

Things may go smoothly on the work front. If you have been postponing some tasks, it’s a good day to work on those complicated projects as you may get the required help and support from seniors or co-workers today. 

Sagittarius Health Today

This is a fine day on the health front. You are filled with hopes, enthusiasm and positive energy. Your positive lookout or mood may affect people around you in a positive manner. It is a suitable day to clear all your backlogs on the professional front.

Sagittarius Love Life Today

This is a favourable day on the love front. You can get a chance to talk for several hours with your partner, so enjoy interesting and intellectual conversations with your beloved. A romantic gesture from your partner may make you feel happy and good.

Lucky Number: 17

Lucky Color: Parrot Green


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