Scorpio Daily Horoscope for December 16: Expect saturation at work


SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22) 

Today, you are likely to value your own personal freedom and you may do things on your own terms. Mostly you may spend time alone and appreciate the finer things in life. You are patient and have very good control over your anger. However, you tend to lose it all when pushed to the limit. You do not like the mundane and routine life and keep improving yourself, which in turn affects others positively. Your spontaneity and self-confidence may be at their peak today, which may help you win better roles in life. Do not plan to travel with children if you are not fully prepared to handle them in a new environment. A pending property decision may work out in your favour. 

Scorpio Finance Today 

On the economic front, a wise investment made recently may fetch you good returns. Your expenses could be on the rise, but your steady financial backing is likely to take care of it. There may be an inflow of funds from a side business. 

Scorpio Family Today 

On the domestic front, your children are likely to make you proud with their accomplishments in their field of study or work. Your domestic atmosphere may be filled with love and laughter. Newlyweds may get to enjoy quiet time alone. 

Scorpio Career Today 

On the professional front, you are likely to experience saturation in work, which may make you rethink your career choices. Weigh all pros and cons before you set foot in a new territory. You need to stay focused on your occupational targets. 

Scorpio Health Today 

You may have to be cautious about health as things in excess may have a reverse effect on your wellbeing. Bringing a change in lifestyle and turning towards healthier life choices are likely to boost your energy levels and add to your mental peace. 

Scorpio Love Life Today 

Today, you may be attracted to an interesting personality at a social gathering and your affections are likely to be reciprocated. This could mean the start of an exciting new romantic relationship. Make the most of it at this moment. 

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Lucky Color: Rosy Brown 


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