Shardiya Navratri 2022:Venus’ transit in Virgo to bring abundance for all zodiac


Venus, the planet of female divinity, love and wealth, will enter the sign of Virgo on September 24, just on the verge of the blissful Shardiya Navratri season. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is considered to be debilitated in Virgo. When Venus moves through Virgo, we tend to be more grounded, reliable, and constant in our romantic interactions. We’re less likely to get caught up in wild fancies or affairs of the heart and more interested in settling down with a steady, truthful, and honourable partner. Getting your emotional bearings is a must at this point! Let us find out how different zodiac signs will be impacted by this transit of Venus.

Aries: Make yourself comfortable and take some time to think as romantic feelings and close interpersonal bonds move to the backburner. Now is the time to reflect on your prior methods of establishing and maintaining close personal relationships. It’s best to prepare for exciting new adventures by first focusing on self-care and letting go. You need to break free of your past in order to move forward.

Taurus: The people who know you best, both personally and professionally, will come to think highly of you. You might expect a rush of adrenaline to run through your social life. Meet new people and network with old ones by mingling at social gatherings. If you’re single and looking for love, now is a great time to refresh your dating profile and test the waters of online dating. Enjoy this new found popularity.

Gemini: The quality of life in your workplace is about to skyrocket which will make working a happy experience. You may soon receive applause and acclaim for a project which you hold very close to your heart. The timing is right for you to assert your authority and prove to the world that you belong at the top of your field. Use this time to apply for better jobs, pitch ideas, or court important people.

Cancer: Welcome novel experiences and perspectives and be prepared to experiment with your choices. This is a stunning time for a trip; hence you should schedule a long-distance travel at the earliest. Memories that will last a lifetime will be formed. If you’re single and looking to broaden your horizons, channel that excitement into a date with someone who doesn’t fit your typical profile to explore new dimensions about yourself.

Leo: A lovely sensual experience awaits you. A strong desire to mingle with your loved one will arise in you. It’s time to let go and enjoy your sensuality with your one and only. Even while this is more of a boon for couples than for singles, it’s always a good opportunity to think about the bonds you share with others. When it comes to investments and other forms of capital, it is time for review and shake-up.

Virgo: Relationships can’t be better than what they are now. Divine favour rests upon every couple in love. You might find the one, or at least someone with whom you can build a lasting relationship if you’re currently single. As you reflect each other like true lovers, the harmony in your relationships will deepen. You’ll want to focus on your appearance and adopt a fresh look so go for it now!

Libra: The coming days will be quite hectic for you at work. Your workdays will become more relaxed and pleasurable slowly and gradually. The individuals you interact with in the workplace, whether they be co-workers, clients, or employees, will treat you better. If you have trouble keeping your personal life and professional life apart, it’s best to avoid workplace romances. Those who are seeking employment or looking to expand their customer base will taste success.

Scorpio: Your romantic fortunes are about to change dramatically. You have entered a particularly auspicious time for love and passion. Anyone who is single and available now should actively seek out and connect with potential romantic partners. You can utilise this shine to rekindle your excitement, but only if you’re committed. This is a great time to spend with a child, whether you’re trying to conceive or already have one.

Sagittarius: All at home will go swimmingly for you right now. At present, there couldn’t be a more lovely time to upgrade your home’s furnishings and decor. If you feel at ease in your house, you may want to spend time there with loved ones or even have a party. You could find opportunities to enter the real estate market right now. Plan to spend more time at work as you take on a new responsibility in your field.

Capricorn: Your mind will be flooded with wonderful ideas, and you may find that your perspective on the world shifts slightly. You’ll have the exact communication abilities necessary to achieve your goals. Take advantage of your enhanced persuasive abilities by focusing on a project that requires you to communicate with others, whether it be writing, public speaking, or negotiating a deal. Take a little trip now if you’ve been wanting to.

Aquarius: You will be blessed with good fortune and others will find you attractive. A new source of revenue or a lucrative side gig can appear out of nowhere. If you’ve been looking forward to purchasing some brand new, aesthetically pleasing material goods, now is the time to go out and do it. However, small injuries are possible, so drive carefully. Those committed can find themselves getting attracted to someone else.

Pisces: Now is the time to take centre stage. You will exude more radiance and beauty than you ever have before! This is the perfect time to freshen up your appearance, pamper yourself with a facial, or even go shopping for new clothes. Make love a high priority in your life, regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, because romance is also quite enjoyable right now. Those single can soon stumble upon an interesting prospect.


Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)



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