The most lovable trait of each zodiac sign


All of us have that one quality, the others are a fan of. A unique trait that makes us, our unique selves. While each of us is different and uniqueness holds no boundaries, there are certain qualities of each sign that we go gaga over. Read along to find out what’s yours.

Aries: My ride or die! That’s how one would describe their Aries friend. Aries are loyal to the bone. Once you are on their list of friends, since they tend to have many, you will never be alone. Either personally or socially they will make sure to check up on you.

Taurus: Worried about something? Where’s your Taurean friend? There’s literally nothing on the planet that you can’t talk about with this sign. This sign is the friendliest of them all. When you talk, a Taurean listens without any judgement. They are highly lovable as they make one feel comfortable with just their calming and understanding presence.

Gemini: Quirky trivia? Check! Gemini tends to know it all. They like to have a thorough knowledge of everything they touch upon, thus enabling them with information that others might be unaware of. Their intelligence speaks for itself and keeps the listeners hanging on to everything they speak. Your intelligence does wonders for you Gemini, so hold on tight to that rope as you swim in the world of knowledge.

Cancer: Cancerians are intuitive and observant. Communication is the key and this sign uses it wisely. They might know what you need even before you do. They take care of their relationships. A relationship with a Cancerian will age like a fine wine.

Leo: Leo gives themselves in a relationship. As partners, you would never feel a lack of their attention on you. They are highly inclusive towards others. Even though at first it may seem like you can’t share stuff with them, they’ve got your back! Silent actions might be their love language, but their love for you will surely fill those gaps.

Virgo: Humility can be learnt from a Virgo! They are ready to help anyone in need and this trait makes them attractive to people who are introverts and sceptical of others. They try their best to help anyone in need, at any time or place. They always try to see situations from others’ perspectives. Though this is a trait of high virtue, take care of your Virgo partners and make them value themselves.

Libra: Kind and thoughtful Libra. This sign is ready for it all. Through the highs and the lows, a Libra will hold your hand and sit tight for the journey. They play fair and will not hold you accountable for the trouble. They would rather help you solve it. The ones you should protect and love with all you have are your Libra partners.

Scorpio: Passionate is a synonym for Scorpions. They do everything with dedication. Therefore, if your partner is of this sign, then worry not because their focus is you. They are intense and their love towards their loved ones is admired by all.

Sagittarius: I want someone who can make it easy during tough times. Sagittarius’ faith will inspire you to face the toughest of situations. They believe when it is difficult to. Their optimism is what gets them through it all and makes others lean on them when in trouble. Trust the process is their mantra for life!

Capricorn: A laugh can be heard from distances and a smile can be seen from the heart. Capricorns lead the way in being humorous. Their sense of humour attracts people to them like bees to flowers. They just make you feel light and bubbly with their words and bring that smile right back on you. Keep your hearts safe from these funny babies!

Aquarius: Did you say unique? An Aquarius might understand how standing out in a crowd feels. Each one of them has a unique hobby or habit. Aquarian partners are different from the rest and tend to expect the same from their love interests. If keeping it alive for a long time is your primary concern when going for relationships, close your eyes and choose an Aquarian.

Pisces: Poets know love like no other. Well, this sign is surely the most romantic of them all. Their compassion and love get everyone attached to them. They are willing to listen to their partner and understand them in all circumstances. Their definition of love is on a deeper and more soulful level, which helps them treat their partner rightly.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on Vedic astrology scriptures. Reader discretion is advised.)



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