The spirit animal that represents your zodiac sign


Spirit animals perfectly represent your spiritual energy and traits. They can also guide you through life by becoming a source of support and inspiration. Read along to find out your zodiac’s spirit animal.

Aries: Cheetah

The cheetah, as a spirit animal symbolizes opportunity, perseverance, and being quick when necessary. Just like a Cheetah locks its eyes on a prey and attacks, you finalize your goals and dreams and chase them fearlessly.

Taurus: Bear

The bear symbolizes nobility, protection and stability. The qualities you value highly in your life. You always strive to establish a solid foundation and stand up for what you believe in. Just like a mamma bear protecting her cubs, you selflessly protect your loved ones.

Gemini: Fox

Similar to a fox , Geminis are always curious and eager to explore new places. The fox represents shrewdness and knowledge of how to act cleverly even in the most dangerous situations.

Cancer: Rabbit

Like rabbits, Cancers are loving and nurturing in nature. They avoid creating any problems for themselves and for others around them. Both of them prioritize their family over everything else and make perfect use of their hyper awareness and sensitivity.

Leo: Lion

The figure of the bold Lion directly comes to our mind when we think of a Leo as it is their natural symbol. Both Leo and the Lion are majestic, royal, and fierce. They are highly self assured and love to dominate.

Virgo: House cat

In astrology, Virgos are often linked to domestic animals. The house cat is the perfect spirit animal for Virgos as they are clever, alert, self absorbed and witty. For them, cleanliness is crucial, most Virgo people have a strong obsession with maintaining clean and polished surroundings just like cats who are meticulous cleaners.

Libra- Swan

Swans portray the sheer elegant, lively and majestic side of a Libra’s personality. The Swan symbolizes beauty, harmony and grace. These are all characteristics of Venus, the ruling planet of Libra. Also, swans are symbolic of love, togetherness, and partnership, just like Libras.


We naturally tend to mistrust creatures that are exceedingly different from humans and snakes are about as different from humans as anything can be. Likewise, Scorpios are a misunderstood sign. They seem cold, dark and mysterious but deep down they are loving, caring and very interesting people.


A Sagittarian is as wise as an owl. Both of them are radiant, majestic and composed. Although owls appear to be peaceful and quiet, they actually have a strong internal drive that pushes them to behave impulsively. Sagittarius being a fire sign also portrays raging passion and ambition.


Like geese, Capricorns are leaders not followers. The goose is mostly found alone, Capricorns also experience loneliness throughout their lives. They both wish to make and continue on their own paths without consideration of where the flock is moving. The Goose also symbolizes intelligence and nobility which are the most proud traits of a Capricorn.


Both dolphins and Aquarians are well known for their highly developed mental capacities. Dolphins are symbolic of wisdom, new opportunities and fortune. Progress, intelligence, and invention are also the key attributes of an Aquarian. While Dolphin brings great wisdom to the underwater world, Aquarians bring visionary ideas for the betterment of mankind.


Both Pisces and Chameleon are highly transformative and metamorphic in nature. They both make decisions based on their highly developed intuition. They are both masters at hiding their real identities. Just like a chameleon impulsively changes color, it’s hard to predict a Pisces’ next move.



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