Trust or not to trust? Find out which zodiac sign will show up first in a crisis


Life’s definitely not a straight line. It is filled with challenges and we all have our highs and lows. In these tough times, we all just need someone who will be there for us.

Earth: Virgo

Realistic. Reliable and Hardworking. This earth sign truly is down-to-earth. One can see unwavering trustworthiness not only in their words but also in their actions. For them, love is in the details, this detail-oriented mind makes them great advice givers and thoughtful decision makers. They appreciate routine, punctuality, and the small things in life. They foster their relationships delicately with love and make a reliable shoulder to cry upon in times of crisis.

Fire: Leo

Passionate. Driven and bold. If this Fire sign loves someone truly, there will never be any doubt about their loyalty. With a spark in their eyes and everlasting fire within their souls, they love passionately. However, sometimes this passion can be dangerous as they tend to get too dramatic at times. No other sign is as affectionate as Leo, if they love you, they will never fail to show it to you. A Leo will make you feel comfortable and safe. You can trust a Leo as they will never consciously lie to you about their feelings.

Water: Cancer

Deep. Sensitive and Caring. This water sign will make you feel heard and understood. They are great listeners and also won’t shy away from diving into deep conversations with you to make you feel at ease. They are highly intuitive and possess a natural flow as they go through their days. It’s unlikely to get complicated with cancers as they are emotionally fluid and will make sure to communicate with you in uncertain times. Cancer is known as the homemaker of the zodiac signs, in times of darkness, Cancer will always be there for you.

Air: Aquarius.

Open minded. Friendly and optimistic. This Wind sign will surely bring positivity and ease into your life. A beautiful quality of Aquarius Is that the sign always tries to find the silver lining, even in the darkest clouds. They always find something good in a person leaving behind the flaws. With big hearts and an open mind, this sign remains neutral and away from any preconceived notions. Aquarius is also the most adaptive sign and will always react accordingly to a certain situation. Being rude and cold isn’t in their blood, so, treating people with kindness and humbleness is Aquarius’s only way to go. You’ll be lucky to have an Aquarius friend!

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on Vedic astrology scriptures. Reader discretion is advised.)



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