Valentine’s Day 2022: Tips to woo your lover based on their zodiac sign


The festival of love, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you may be wondering how to spend the day with your loved one to make it special for them. Here are some suggestions on how to woo your partner make your date memorable based on your lover’s zodiac sign.

Aries: They are childlike, playful, and impulsive. Spontaneous dates, short adventures, or anything that surprises them and makes them feel special is the quickest way to their heart. To complement their rivalrous spirit, talk to them about their goals and ambitions. They have a strong crazy side to their personality which should not be ignored.

Taurus: They are big-time homebodies and they value their comfort more than anything else. They would prefer to spend time watching a movie with you at home and chill instead of checking out some new place. They’re major foodies, so cooking a cosy meal together or getting takeout from a favourite restaurant is the most preferred option.

Gemini: They crave intellectual conversation and mental stimulation. As talkative, witty individuals, they love to be involved in diverse activities since they are not able to hold their attention for long and hence can get bored easily. Make them experience something new and interesting, listen to everything they have to say, and respond thoughtfully.

Cancer: They are sentimental and family-oriented and love it when someone cares about their emotions. They like home-cooked meal, but they’re also goofy romantics who like to have a good cry every now and then. Indulge in gushy, ridiculously-romantic moments together and don’t rush into the relationship just yet.

Leo: They are dynamic, optimistic, and charismatic to the core, and they’re always searching for ways to ensure all eyes are on them. A perfect date for them would be to let them hog the limelight and give them all the attention. Reassure them that they are the center of your world and they will respond by amplifying their love for you.

Virgo: Action speaks louder than words for them. Look out for where they need help without them asking for it and observe the joy on their face. While the typical romantic gestures and poetic love expressions are nice, they want someone who goes a bit deeper in showing their affection. For them, a “thank you for everything you do” is much sweeter than “I love you”.

Libra: They are a bit old school when it comes to romance. They value partnership and love to be swept off their feet. To win their heart, take them out to a candle-lit dinner, watch the sunset on the beach or at a scenic overlook together. They feel loved when they can just be with their partner, regardless of what else is going on.

Scorpio: When it comes to dating, they tend to seek out transformative bonds that will challenge them emotionally. Consider sharing a meal in a quiet, intimate setting or listening to their favourite album or artist together, both of which create opportunities for deep conversations to take place. If you’re close to a water body, consider booking a boat ride or sunset sail.

Sagittarius: They have a “go big or go home” attitude that influences all aspects of their life, including relationships. To win them over, you need to embrace your inner daredevil and look to be an entertainer with a spirit of adventure. They will do just about anything to broaden their horizon especially if it is exciting and fast-paced.

Capricorn: Their serious self-image can seem cold or standoffish at first, and getting them to reach out first doesn’t usually happen. But if you go out of your way to get their attention, then they can warm up to you pretty quickly. They won’t invest in a relationship that doesn’t have lasting value, so don’t be in a rush and build the bond over time.

Aquarius: They are unconventional and possess a scientific approach to life. Their detached nature can be intimidating to others. They don’t want someone who believes in love at first sight and instantly wants to be with them. To them, being best buddy with their partner is extra-important, so starting out as platonic friends might be the key to their heart.

Pisces: They love to fantasize and escape from the real world whenever they have a chance. They view life through rose-coloured glasses. Look for creating an immersive experience and they will be submerged in a sea of emotions. An earnest love letter or a classic dinner-movie date night are their preferred displays of affection.



*Predictions are based on Moon sign

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