Valentine's Day 2023: Date ideas based on your zodiac sign


Aries: Aries are highly outgoing. When on a date with this sign, you might want to check out places and activities that grab their attention. Painting dates in aesthetic cafes where you can try your hand at art will impress Aries and bring out their competitive side. A karaoke marathon with you both belting out Taylor swift might as well secure you another date with this adventurous sign.

Taurus: Taureans are homebodies. The best way to make them feel special is to spend some alone time with them at their home. On a couch, with your partner, watching your favourite K dramas will only make them value you for your efforts. You might want to make it special by cooking dinner together accompanied by sweet music and conversations. This mix will be perfect to bake the batter of your relationships.

Gemini: This sign is all about feelings. A picnic at the lakeside or an open mic at your favourite café, you just need to express yourself. They love people and places that stimulate their creativity. Thus, places like pottery workshops, learning a new dance together or just people-watching and figuring out their life stories all sit well with a Gemini. If the conversations keep flowing, you are likely to make it to their list of people they like!

Cancer: Cozy is their vibe. Attending a stand-up comedy show together while you laugh at common jokes, will make you realize why you have what you do. A couple’s spa or massage session where you release your stress and reconnect will also strengthen the relationship.

Leo: Make them feel special! Leo needs to be reminded that they are that special someone. A concert where you bust your moves and sing your hearts out or a beachside candlelit dinner. Just make them feel like they matter and you will receive double the love from them.

Virgo: A perfect date. That’s what a Virgo wants, but this sweet sign would also be satisfied with your sweet efforts. Go by the books when planning a date with a Virgo. A date to the bookstore where you can discuss and buy your favourite books will make their day. You could also take them to a baking session where you both try your hands at the art and relish in its sweetness.

Libra: A romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant or a day spent shopping together. Libra loves extravagant gestures. Wine and dine them with intellectual conversations and they might agree on the journey of a relationship.

Scorpio: The mystery is to find the solutions. Scorpio’s wish to know the mysteries. A day in the museum learning the history of artefacts satisfies their thirst for knowledge. You could also soak up the calm and romance in your surroundings while spending a night stargazing together. If curiosity is a trait you have, then worry not because a Scorpio might like you a bit more for it.

Sagittarius: I fell in love in a New York minute. This sign falls in love very quickly since simplicity is the way to their heart. You be you and a Sagittarius is in love with you. Love is personal and cherishable for them. A date with them could be a movie night under layers of a blanket with your favourite snacks or it could be a long drive through the city as you chat about anything and everything.

Capricorn: Busy Ducks! Taking time out for themselves is hard for this sign but once they do, they love to partake in fun and meaningful activities. An evening with friends playing catch the murderer or scrabble will fill up their satisfaction quota. Something as simple as a night with takeout food and a puzzle to solve might also make them happy.

Aquarius: Classics are fun. Watch a favourite movie together or try out paintballing. Take this hyperactive sign to an intriguing place, that’s it! A date at the pet café with good food followed by a fun movie is the idea of a good date for Aquarius. You could also try out paintballing or bowling with them for fun.

Pisces: Talk to me, says who? A Pisces. Conversations are huge for them. They like to get to know people and their journeys. Deep talks are their expertise which is why one would never lack comfort in a relationship with this sign. A night on the terrace as you sit and drink in the sky with some good tea or a sweet date at a restaurant followed by a drop off with flowers will make them sparkle like sunshine.



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