Weekly Horoscope Gemini, February 12-18, 2023: Academic outcomes on the way


GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)

Geminis can expect to do well in their careers and shine. Weekly Astrological Predictions says, a higher position and higher salary are both possible after a job switch. The monetary situation could improve as well. If you have multiple sources of income, you’ll be in a better position to save and invest. Your romantic prospects, however, might be dim. The relationship may reach an impasse if arguments and misunderstandings aren’t resolved. However, you may spend happy hours with family and want even more time with them. It may make you feel strong and in harmony with the world. A meeting with close friends will be very pleasant and intellectually stimulating. Your financial situation should remain fine. This week will train focus on your negotiation skills. Remain confident of winning. The flip side is that your vacation plans will likely solidify and come to fruition. At first, gains could be gradual but steady from property transactions. Profits will increase over time. High-quality academic outcomes are expected from some students.

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Gemini Finance This Week

It looks like Geminis can expect a steady stream of income. Your expenditure may exceed what you bring in. But if you watch your spending and get some extra cash from unexpected sources, you should be able to keep your budget stable.

Gemini Family This Week

This week, Geminis will find happiness in spending time with their young relatives at home. Spending time with parents is a great way to pick up sound advice potentially. However, engaging in idle chatter with distant relatives will surely disrupt the tranquil atmosphere at home.

Gemini Career This Week

This week should be a good one for Gemini natives in terms of their careers. You will probably finish the project early with a good grade. Some employers may recognise this as an excellent effort on your part. If you work hard, you will be compensated for it.

Gemini Health This Week

The stress level of Geminis may be higher than average. Your health might start to suffer as a result of this. It may be time to take it easy. Stress and anxiety may be alleviated, and your nerves may be calmed with a therapeutic massage.

Gemini Love Life This Week

The romantic lives of Gemini natives may have to take a back seat to the demands of the workplace. This may cause your partner some irritation. There could be long-term repercussions for taking your successful relationship for granted.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Colour: Orange

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