Weekly Love and Relationship Horoscope, 16-22 January, 2023


Aries: With your increased confidence and wisdom, you could decide to start dating all over again this week. Try to learn more about yourself and what sets you apart. If committed, your current relationship will benefit from this, as your partner shows genuine curiosity about you. Your unexpected findings would come as a pleasant surprise to them which will add flavour to your love life.

Taurus: This week, you should make every effort to avoid getting into arguments that might have been unnecessary. Your contentment throughout the course of time should be your primary concern, therefore maintain a tolerant and sympathetic attitude. If you give little arguments the attention they merit, they will rapidly become serious breaches of trust if the situation is allowed to continue.

Gemini: Think carefully about the direction your romantic life is taking. This week, give serious consideration to whether to commit to your existing significant other. Get your expectations straight for this relationship before you let your feelings get the better of you and you give in to the temptation of falling in love too quickly. Make your commitment public if you intend to be together for the long term.

Cancer: Feel free to open out to a trusted person about how you’re feeling. Perhaps you’ve been longing for privacy, away from prying eyes, so that you can work out your emotions without fear of public ridicule. Don’t stay in the shadows any longer. Don’t be afraid to allow your partner into your innermost thoughts and let them assist you work through these challenges.

Leo: Try to hold your emotions in check and exercise patience this week. If you’ve been hurt in the past while putting yourself out there romantically, you may be hesitant to open up to a new potential partner. Don’t freak out, but do allow them time to answer positively. Don’t rush things until this connection has developed into a regular and meaningful routine.

Virgo: This week, you could feel renewed enthusiasm in your pursuit of a romantic companion. If you really want to meet the one you’ve been dreaming about, you’ll have to put in some extra work. You should not lower your standards or sell yourself short. Stop sitting on the side-lines and start making the most of the opportunities in front of you, beginning with your current workplace.

Libra: This week, try to broaden your perspective on romantic things so you can get to the bottom of whatever issues you’ve been having. Engage in deep conversation that enlightens both of you to the ways in which you have been putting artificial boundaries on your relationship. This will allow you to move past the mundane into the extraordinary together.

Scorpio: You’ll feel the heartbeat of love pounding through your veins this week, relieving some of the tension in your romantic life. You might want to try a more relaxed approach to dating and let go of your need for things to be flawless and appreciate them for what they are. This is a terrific time to be single and explore different dating platforms as you won’t be judgemental as of now.

Sagittarius: Be careful not to undermine all of the progress you’ve made in love by acting carelessly with your partner. Your partnership will fail if credibility cannot be established between the two of you. You are going in the wrong direction. This week, make it a priority to speak with your significant other in private about any concerns that have been brewing in the background for some time.

Capricorn: You’ve been overly hard on yourself as of late, maybe demanding more from yourself in your current relationship than you’re actually capable of delivering. It is time for you to calm down and take things easy at this point. Take some time away from the situation and have a conversation with your partner about what’s going on. This might make it easier for you to avoid losing interest in the relationship.

Aquarius: Watch your behaviour this week else tensions may explode in your love life. This may be a time when minor niggles become more noticeable. Even if you don’t want to, you may become irritated with your partner and lash out at them. Instead of squashing these emotions, let them out and see what happens. Dig deeper to discover the causes of your reactions.

Pisces: This week, you could get the impression that your partner isn’t as emotionally committed in the relationship as you are. Get everything out in the open and make sure you’re both on the same plane by having an honest conversation about your differences. Make sure your priorities are straight if you want more than a surface-level connection and communicate that to your partner.

By: Neeraj Dhankher

(Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi)

Email: info@astrozindagi.in, neeraj@astrozindagi.in

Url: www.astrozindagi.in

Contact: Noida: +919910094779



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