Which subject you should study based on your sun sign


There is a long list of academic subjects around the world. It is impossible to be good at them all, but a certain few that we excel at usually end up becoming our favourites. According to our zodiac signs, there are certain subjects that are our strongest.

Aries: Aries excel at memorisation. They are good at history, political science, and math. They are interested in the power hierarchy and as a fire sign are always interested in powerful positions. Tourism as a major would also be of high interest for this sign considering their greed for adventures and travel.

Taurus: Taurus as a sign is highly intelligent in earth sciences such as geography, and military sciences. They have a strong analytical mind, which helps them take spontaneous decisions and be productive in such subjects.

Gemini: Geminis love art and literature. They can spend hours learning music, dance, and theories. They are curious individuals who like to know all about anything that interests them. They find success in subjects like media, journalism, and graphic design.

Cancer: Cancerians succeed in subjects such as sociology and human psychology. They are compassionate individuals and succeed at subjects that are analytical and help them understand human emotions best.

Leo: They like subjects like business studies, entrepreneurship, and information technology. These extroverted individuals like fields that are related to money and finance even as careers. They are quick with complex calculations and therefore, prefer more challenging subjects rather than any language subject that requires learning.

Virgo: These practical individuals like numbers, not names. They are pros at subjects like mathematics, statistics, and systems sciences. They are good at calculations rather than psychology. Jobs like teachers and administrators suit their field the best.

Libra: Libra likes to create and appreciate beauty. They are talented in drawing and sketching. They also are attracted to organisation disciplines like library science and museum science and may as well end up taking these as their professions.

Scorpio: This sign is inclined towards archaeology, economics and performing arts. They are talented with numbers and tend to like subjects which include calculations. Disciplines like research, and consumer science are also topics of interest for this zodiac.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is a humanitarian sign through and through. They are pro-people and give great attention to subjects of law and law enforcement, politics, and history. They wish to make a change in society and therefore, focus on subjects that will lead them towards this path. They tend to opt for government jobs and positions that help them become policymakers for the people.

Capricorn: This earth sign thrives in practical subjects such as chemistry, physics, and computer science. Cultural studies and gender studies are also topics they lean towards. They, therefore, pursue professions such as banking, business, and engineering.

Aquarius: This sign is all for humanity. They have a keen interest in humanities, language, and history. They excel at subjects associated with society and its history. They have a poetic side to them, which makes them great poets. Social causes interest them and you might find them working as psychologists and social workers.

Pisces: Pisces are fascinated with culture, religion, and philosophy. They are skilled communicators and succeed in visual arts and journalism. They also have a great understanding of music and are mostly good singers.



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