"Wolf Magic Begin Now": SwitchWords and positive affirmation


The Hummingbird always fascinated me. The fluttering of the wings of the birds makes infinity symbols. They move in the pattern of infinity. What of the murmurations of the Starling? Animal spirits have been known to guide us through History which is a well-documented fact in folk literature and mythology.

It was then that I came across the switchword- Wolf Magic Begin Now. I began to repeat this mentally. I began to visualise the eyes of the wolf. I cannot tell you how the wolf consciousness began to evade mine. Whenever I call upon my “wolf”, she is there. But what is this phrase? It almost seems counter-intuitive!

Switchwords are fascinating in the way they are known to trigger the subconscious. They’ve been chosen exclusively by healers, mages and psychotherapists who understand the unique way these verbal cues can trigger something deeply internal which can open up unknown dimensions of our mind/intellect.

The wolf totem is pure consciousness. The Wolf acts as our inner voice and it’d be worthwhile to listen to her. Ignoring her, is like ignoring our gut and the gut has in fact proven to be a second brain. Ignoring the inner wolf has its set of implications; for one it has always got me in trouble.

Once you work with the wolf totem, it will clean your own energy and infuse your being with wolfness; this energy that represents loyalty, intelligence, strong family ties, excellent communication, learning, comprehension and intuitive brilliance. The Native Americans believed that the wolf is supernatural in nature!


Just by chanting the words written above, you’ll flip a switch in your subconscious which in turn will attune you to the frequency of wolf intelligence and you’ll be guided by the Geist of this intuitive and intelligent animal.

Words have power and this is why we spell each word. It’s called spelling; it casts a spell of our intentions that can manifest if the desire is strong enough. Vakya Bramha says an age-old Sanskrit truism which signifies the power and energy of the spoken or written word from the potentiality of which anything can be created. This is the power of speech. A pen is mightier than the sword conveys a similar meaning.

Why not try this out for yourself? For a week, every time you drink water, just bless it by saying, “Thank You!” Water is very quick to react to human thought which is revealed to us through the rituals of every major religion of humanity that uses water as a magical and healing liquid used for ablutions, sanctification rituals and spiritual baptism. If you consciously bless water with just a thank you, you will experience a change in your whole body/mind/soul chemistry.

Switchwords are affirmations, almost like mantras that help us achieve what we desire and how do they do it? How can they pierce through conscious thought and reach the unconscious or the subconscious? This has been the subject of much debate and experiments have shown that indeed there is the potential within these words to manifest almost anything. Things that we crave; love, sex, money, fertility, creativity, success and self-actualization.

Let us have a quick look at the words. TOGETHER is the most powerful switchword and it helps us to keep it “together” like a glue, which is why it is the Master Switchword! It helps us get organized, clean the clutter of the spaces we inhabit, bring back our lost power. Just by chanting TOGETHER, we can achieve almost anything. If we add visualization to this chant, the effects are multiplied and if you add the word DIVINE before it, all the energy is multiplied.

Now mornings are important and often we find that upon waking up, turbulent thoughts and incessant worries plague us and this is a trigger for some. Now how to balance the nervous anxiety and panic attacks we have in the mornings? Simple! Just open your eyes slowly and then lay in bed chanting softly, PURGE-CANCEL! Do this for five minutes and with each repetition feel that the negativity is being purged from your being. Creative thoughts are cancelling the dark dismal depressive thoughts. If you feel in a few hours that the anxiety is returning, then just repeat this process in a few hours. Once you’ve established a practice, there’ll be no need for medication to combat anxiety. Goodbye Xanax and hello to pleasurable experiences!

Using the Switchwords~

It is best to chant them aloud in the beginning, so you feel the vibration of each letter and enunciation is important. Feel the sounds while you chant them closed eyes. Sets of 11, 51 and 108 are most apt and always try a bunch of Switchwords before you decide on which one to use. Make sure the sounds resonate. Breathing deeply through the nose is important to allow the switch to flip! Which is why, set aside a time everyday and enter the calmness of your mind and allow yourself to receive the spell from the spellings of the Switchwords.

If you’re looking to attract that cute crush at work, then chant CHARM and watch how you charm yourself into her heart. It is equally beneficial before an important interview.

If you need to forgive close family, then chant the word CLEAR and watch your anger dissipate.

When age is catching up with you, then chant RESTORE while you engage in your cleansing, toning and moisturising ritual every day. You can also chant RESTORE-VENUS-NOW! Venus is the planet of beauty, grace and attraction, so here you are restoring these Venusian attributes and the NOW is the clear verbal cue that will trigger the restoration of the Venus attributes.

Honestly, there are a million ways you can work with Switchwords. You can incorporate planetary names, sacred number codes, colours, crystals…the whole gamut. Yet, to start the journey, close your eyes, visualize the wolf and hold that image in your mind’s eye and then chant WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW!

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.



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