You are Divine: How to tap your inner God/Goddess


“Who am I?”

Have you ever wondered about the question above? Who are you beyond the human ego-driven personality? Are you this physical body? Or are you the brain or are you the elusive soul? If you know how to still your mind even for a nano second, you know that deep within you, there is an ethereal presence, and it is all-knowing! In the quietude of your cultivated silence, you realize that there is a reservoir within, that can never be drained or evaporated. As Rumi had said, you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop! Wise words to ruminate on as we try to dig our way through the debris of personality to discover the “real” essence.

The real essence! What is the ultimate reality? What is the truth?

It has been called Anima Mundi or the Soul of the World.

Rumi called it the Beloved.

The Kabbalists call it Ain-Sof and the Advaita call it Parabrahm, the Absolute!

Hegel called this mystical energy the Supreme Spirit and the Pythagoreans termed it the Monad.

The root-matter? It’s intangible! How can we quantify it? Simply put, this intangible energy is what we term the soul, and that is a part of everything. The soul is beyond time and space, spiralling through multiple dimensions and fractal realms of experiences. Can you grasp this thought? That you are Divine! Can you ever take this plunge into deep imagination and consider this to be true?

The world is distracting with its hurry, busy-ness, competition, and mistrust; your mind can often be led astray by these dis-unified stimuli. How then, do you make sense of the disharmony? If you realize that there is more to life than meets the eye, you’ve already made progress. To consider yourself divine can have a huge impact, albeit a positive one! To consider others as divine and part of the same Source, you bring compassion and empathy in your mindset and outlook. With compassion, comes a flow in life and you can easily wade through it despite challenging circumstances. This very flow connects you to the sacred understanding of your identity and of root-matter.

The inner reality is simple! You are the Gods and Goddesses you worship! You are the true mystic within! Reality is experienced because you are here to observe it! How do we tap into this inner reality? How do we explore the mystic within? How can we channel the inner Goddess/God?

Close your eyes and keeping your spine erect, start breathing deeply through your nostril. After ten such deep breaths, try to identify the emotions, thoughts and feelings that appear when your eyes are closed. You will feel an energetic presence, like an Observer. Allow the Observer to direct and guide your thoughts and impulses. Once the eyes are closed, an inner world dawns on our consciousness. There is an instant shift in our perceptive abilities.

Now bring awareness to what comes into focus. What patterns form? Is there a kaleidoscopic showering of light and geometric patterns; those are your neurons firing, but there is definitely a secret world out there with many goings-on that we have no idea of. The open eyes reveal the mundane, but when we close our eyes, we experience other worldly energies or ESP, extra sensory perceptions. Blind people have a different way they experience the world without any visual stimuli and in most cases their ESP is heightened.

If you develop this practice of tuning into the inner world by closing your eyes, you will realise the mystical. We may not realize it, but the spiritual, the mystical, that is our true nature.

Psychics, clairvoyants, and healers are the ones who are inherently drawn to these facets of life, the supra-natural and the mystical. The invisible realms and energies can be felt quite directly by such people. Yet, it is within our very power to realize these energies, to experience them. In such matters, let the heart take the lead! Don’t be afraid of these realms, for they appear mysterious now as the veil is drawn and the knowledge of your true self is hidden. You think you are this body of flesh and bones!

Breathing deeply and closing your eyes is the first step to experience the mystical, the divine within; so, try it immediately. The brain has different states, like Alpha, beta, theta and when you achieve this alpha brainwave, you allow yourself to enter a creatively charged imaginal mindscape of infinite possibilities. The brain is always in beta and when in deep sleep it emits theta waves, but between these two states lies the realm of pure magic. If we all could quietly sit in a room alone for hours, we would achieve heightened creative states.

The brain is seduced by the five senses, sight, taste, sound, touch, smell and this is what keeps us anchored to the material world, so we need to turn off the sense stimuli and we need to prepare ourselves to reach this alpha brainwave. If we remain in beta, we will never be able to access the invisible realms and the unknown mystical energies; beta keeps us in a state of perpetual stress and anxiety.

The alchemists believed that they could turn base metals into gold, but there is a secret allegory underlying this tale. The ego personality is lead and the gold is created when we develop inner harmony. Harmony is the vibration that allows you to weave magic into the tapestry of your life, but what are the practical ways to create harmony?

When we are open, honest, compassionate, and ready to share and blend with others, we achieve a harmonious state. If there is fear or a selfish outlook, harmony remains a distant dream. As humans we have to be ready to create by joining forces with others by bringing our unique essence, our ideas and imagination in to the “play”. This “play” is divine and is the gateway to experience the infinite soul and our true nature. It’s time to focus on the good in others and override negative thoughts that create disharmony.

When we come with an attitude of collaboration, with others and nature, we invoke a beneficial and healing state for all concerned. Our differences need to be accepted and it is our uniqueness that makes us who we are in the bigger picture.

Follow these basic steps to tune into the divine within:

  1. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Wear loose clothes after freshening up and keep your back straight and eyes closed.
  3. Now take a deep breath and retain it inside for as long as you can and slowly release.
  4. Be present in the moment. You have nowhere else to be!
  5. Follow up with the self-affirmation- I AM DIVINE!

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.



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