You will be surprised to know these 5 uses of Flint Stone or Chakmak


Many of us must have seen the Chakmak Patthar (Flint Stone). However, the present generation is not aware about it. The actual flint stone is amazing and happens to be white in colour. Let us find out the use of this stone.

It is believed that humans have been using flint stones for more than 2 million years. This stone can easily be found on river banks, sea or in the forest. There are different kinds of stone in the flint family. Some of the common ones are quartz, chert, obsidian, agate or jasper. Flint is a hard sedimentary rock. It is a form of microcrystalline quartz. Scientists often refer to these by the name of Chert.

Uses of Chakmak Patthar

1. If you happen to have a matchbox or a lighter then there is no need to keep this rock in your house. But if you are trapped in a jungle and do not have a match box or a lighter and you need to lit a fire then you can easily find this white coloured stone around you. Flint is such a stone which ignites the spark when rubbed against a similar stone. In ancient times, this was the stone which was used to ignite the fire.

2. Ancient people used to break this stone and used to make sharp edged weapons. Apart from being used for knives and swords, this stone can also be used for drilling.

3. Flint is also used as a gem. This gives you self-confidence and courage. Wearing this removes sadness, frustration and despair. According to old scriptures, this stone is included among the 84 gems.

4. For the home decoration too, this stone can be considered. Besides the white colour, this stone is found in pink, green, blue, grey and black colours too. This stone is also used in the construction of walls in the houses.

5. This stone is also used for making the ornaments and the jewellery. For example, it is used for grading, cutting, polishing and embellishing gems.

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