Dark Side of the Sun Signs: Negative personality traits of each Zodiac


Here is the list of duality of your personality based on your zodiac sign to make you aware of all your forces and to be able to top into your full potential.

Aries: The Dominator

Aries folks are bold, courageous and tend to be risk takers. The leading sign in astrology who tends to embark on all kinds of adventures leading the way for the rest from the zodiac list. People falling under the zodiac are self-dependent, passionate and assertive, you like to do things on your own and avoid taking assistance for your own work. However, the ram does have the dark side namely aggressive drive, impulsive character and domineering personality. The most common trait of aries is that you think you are your own king, who tends to rule with your own decisions only. And if someone unleashes your aggression in sport, then you can tap into their full potential.

Taurus: The Most Possessive

People born under this zodiac sign are down to earth, reliable, and stable. You can commit to long-term projects and relationships and work hard for life goals. However, Taurus natives also feature some dark personalities. Taureans are inflexible, becoming too stubborn when things don’t go their own way. Adding your materialistic nature, your version to change makes you possessive leading to problems in your relationships.

Gemini: The Gossip Monger

The third one on the list are the zodiac twins, presenting a dual personality that’s more distinctive than any other sign. On one hand Gemini folks are fun, friendly, and adventurous, eager to embark on new experiences and to be every party’s life and soul. On the other hand, they can also be uncommitted, shallow, and treacherous for personal gain. They can be gossip mongers and are capable of walking out of relationships overnight without any remorse.

Cancer: The Mood Swinger

Cancerians are sensitive and loyal people with a nurturing heart that cares for all the loved ones. Although it’s hard for a Cancerian to open up to strangers. You’re a good listener and will always offer shoulders to the one who needs it. You have some dark personality traits as well which includes depression and sudden mood swings that lead you to experience all kinds of anxiety disorders. People falling under cancer also become aggressive when you’re around strangers and feel that your privacy is being threatened.

Leo: The Attention Seeker

The lion symbolized zodiac are outstanding leaders with huge hearts that draw people in. Leo natives are extroverts, outgoing and love to take the spotlight making you excellent entertainers who confidently follow their passions. While on the other hand you are considered to be extremely self-centred and attention seeking making you appear superficial and high maintenance especially to your partners and friends.

Virgo: The Pessimistic

People born under this sign have a brilliant and organized mentality making you excel in any job that requires logic and precision. Virgos are detail-oriented and attentive, always delivering a perfect job as no mistake is overlooked. You’re also humble and helpful ensuring that your surroundings are always in optimal condition. Yet on the other hand, your dark personality makes you a pessimist person, who always sees the flaws in all plans. Virgos are also prone to low self-esteem and are incapable of enjoying experiences that have no other purpose beyond enjoyment.

Libra: The Indecisive One

Libra natives are incredibly charming, pleasant, and creative people. You have excellent taste especially in fashion and decor. You also make good hosts and know how to mediate conflicts due to your objective and pro-justice natures. On the other hand, you’re afraid to show your true emotions for fear of appearing rude and that’s why you can be hypocritical and insincere for fear of displeasing others. Librans are also indecisive and find it hard to follow their heart’s commands without first asking other people’s opinions and making sure that others approve.

Scorpio: The Jealous One

People with this sign are loyal, passionate, and committed. There’s no challenge that Scorpios cannot overcome, for you have an iron will and resilience that makes you conquer all the objectives, but you do harbour a dark side full of hatred, a thirst for revenge, jealousy and depression. The sign of Scorpio resembles sensitivity, connected with the deepest emotions of the human state such as hate, pain and fear. Therefore, it’s recommended that Scorpio people maintain a positive attitude towards life to avoid being so distrustful and enjoy other aspects of their circumstances.

Sagittarius: The Denialist

A Sagittarius person is known for her optimistic and cheerful personality that doesn’t seem to have a dark side. Sagittarius natives always find inspiration in all their challenges and share their adventurous spirit with everyone they meet. However, you have some negative traits as well, which concerns your inability to deal with complex situations. People under this sign tend to deny reality and sometimes promise more than you can deliver. Lastly, you’re too blunt in giving your opinions without thinking if others will be hurt by your words.

Capricorn: The Detached One

These individuals have numerous qualities such as ambition, devotion, kindness and a responsible and committed personality. While on the other hand, you are defined as a focused person on your professional front and completely forget to deal with your emotions. Hence, this makes capricorns cold and detached which has repercussions in your personal lives. You tend to become blind in pursuing your ambitions and neglect leisure time, which can take its toll on your health later in life.

Aquarius: The Emotionless

People born under this sign are of a kind. You’re innovative, intelligent and possess a humanitarian heart that firmly believes that all people have equal rights. Although these Aquarius natives are quite friendly as they tend to be detached from their emotions and therefore from their relationships. Feelings and emotions are trapped that threaten your freedom, so you prefer to approach everything through your intellect closing the doors to your heart.

Pisces: The Manipulator

Pisces natives are highly sensitive, compassionate, and spiritual people. These individuals have a developed intuition that lends you to help the people around you even if you don’t know them personally, but you do have a dark side as well. Piscean natives tend to sacrifice themselves for others and then play the victim in order to get what they want. You are skilled manipulators making others feel sorry for you, you also tend to avoid your problems and are prone to depression which can lead to substance addiction.



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