Is it your birthday between 11 to 28 February? Check how the month will shape up


Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 11:

Ruled by number 2 and planet is Moon, you will be renowned in your space by your distinctive qualities. People will like your company because of your ever-growing ideas. This time you need to believe on your romantic partner’s instinct. Some family issues may take your precious time and energy but these issues are also important to get resolved as soon as possible. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill in love affairs. Marital bliss is foreseen for many youngsters. You would grow and see new heights in the months of September, November and February.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 12:

Ruled by number 3 and the Jupiter, you always try and fight back in your life and no matter what the odds are against you. Meditation accompanied by medical remedies will save you from extra botheration of your dependencies on bad stuff like consuming alcohol etc. You may need to visit your health counselor time and again. Control your out-of-pocket expenses as you may need it in near future to accomplish your long-dreamt task. Elders and employers all will admire you for your mellowed behavior. Enlightened time for you is October and November.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 13:

Ruled by number 4 and planet Uranus, you are highly optimistic towards your academics. Area of interest would be Literature and Science. By the second half of the year you will sound more mellower then before. Time will heal all your bruises. More flavoured and seasonal love will catch you soon. Avoid oblique stand which may be troublesome for you. Chucked out your innocence and learn to play some politics also. Health needs your attention, take some time from your busy schedule. You will always find your family members to stand by you in all spheres of life. Targeted months would be June and July.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 14:

Ruled by number 5 and Mercury, “Every man is the architect of his own future” people should learn this from you. You always tend to draft a strong and effective ploy for your undertaking. Your help to poor and needy will help to wipe off their tears through pecuniary help which you might get through your luck. Your career might have lot of twist and turns and needs lot of cautious behavior from your side. You will be blessed by your seniors throughout your life. Festive season will shower all its divines on you in terms of money which makes your coffers filled to the capacity they have. Development period would be May and June.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 15:

Ruled by planet number 6 and planet Venus, you are a good orator as you can convey things to people in an appropriate manner. Extra income sources will likely to ameliorate your financial well being. Your relations need adjustments from your side to make it worth moving. Everybody needs umbrella in monsoon season, so save little bit for unfortunate time. Planning to do something new then wait for Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Spiritful time will be May and June.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 16:

Ruled by Number 7 and Neptune will be good enough for you. Your ability to develop consensus with proper monitoring and guidance takes you far beyond your imagination and will bring never ending name and fame to you. Change is indispensable in everybody’s life which you understand and welcome it by unfolding your arms. After some time you yourself change the things from time to time. Your family has the tendency to shout less and act more towards you. On health front, a lighter footprint is advisable towards doctor for advices. You will end up all your creditors on happy note by providing them what they want and from now and finally lead an independent life. Plenty of opportunities in November and December.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 17:

Ruled by number 8 and planet Saturn, You influence others through your personal attractiveness and creativeness. No doubt you will augment your savings this year but you would also spend lavishly, but think wisely while making a budget. Short but exciting would be planned for a change. Family front will make you lively and full of life. People in love will discover a relief in the company of their partner and that will also help you to stay away from worldly tensions for a while. Wedding bells at the doorstep of love birds are also possible. Financial and legal transactions may be tiring and may extend but will end up in your favor. October, December and June will provide expected consequences.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 18:

Ruled by number 9 and planet Mars, will take you to the sky, resplendent and courageous are your defining traits. You should stop thinking about petty problems, as they are going to solve themselves with the passage of time. Cash flow will improve this year as you are going to inherit something from your parents. You are appreciated by your partner and both of you will come closer to each other. Those who are engaged in sports should take care of your health. You will get significance in the month of May and June.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 19:

Ruled by Number 1 and planet Sun might change your status from unmarried to married, bachelorhood ought to be over soon. People will love to know about your life experiences and its contents. Learning with experience will always brings the desired results for you. There are many ways to cultivate and build your health from some minor distortion. As a student you need to train yourself rock like resilience and welcome attributes to qualify for the high profiled profession. Your income graph ought to show an upward trend from now. Number 2, planet Moon, and the months of July and August will all provide a good back up in your life.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 20:

Ruled by number 2 and planet Moon, Your willingness to be a good learner will make you to lay strong foundation for new and expanded links in all front of life. You are likely to pursue the idea of your business deal more actively. You believe in one thing “No pain no gain” so you never left any stone unturned that comes to your way. Medical bills might make your cheque book to be in running mode. You tend to surpass everybody’s expectation by clearing highly competitive exams and make your own way. Satisfaction what is the need of the hour will comes to you through love, admiration and affection. Journey to a sacred place will fill you with peace and placid feelings. Number 8, planet Saturn, months of March and April will bring wonders for you.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 21:

Ruled by number 3 and planet Jupiter, you use your abilities to the fullest to seek career success. You are thoughtful by nature and this trait is continues to be the fastest growing in you. Routine checkup is suggested for you and for your family members. Destiny will take you where there is no limit for you to gain financially. Time for professional to either turn to be an entrepreneur or get promotions. Your love innings will get potent start and will satisfy you by all means. You are likely to meet your childhood friend and you both will spend quality time again. Expectation comes to reality in the month of July.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 22:

Ruled by number 4 and planet Uranus, you will show high-spirited merriment. You are dynamic and have taxonomic approach. Without dissimulation you tend to win the heart of all the people. You should act on the poem “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise.” High education is what predicted for you and that too from some world class university. Wonderful time for you is in the month of September and October.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 23

Ruled by number 5 and planet Mercury. Love, career and family are interwined and enlighten your road ahead. Pool of talent is what today’s generation known for, they live upto the expectation of today’s market. Advice to make a diet chart and also follow it to be in good and toned position. Love will be on its full spectrum and sparkle its feathers on you. Undue favors from your admirers will fillip your confidence in them. Your formula for leading a contented life on your own may not work smoothly but experience is the key to all your worries. Healing time for you would be July and August.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 24

Ruled by number 6 and planet Venus, you are self-governed and love to be what you are. Your upbeat and high spirits makes huge impact on everybody’s heart in the society. Your sources of income will increase by leaps and bounds which makes your savings intact with you. Mounting monetary front and likely to hit the bulls eye through lottery will be high on your cards. Health related matters need your reconciliation for your family members. Your spouse will treat you with immense aplomb and love. Consequential time: October, December and April.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 25

Ruled by number 7and planet Neptune, you are generous, flexible, and munificent and have a sound knowledge. Others have confidence in you and they take your guidance. This year you work hard to achieve your target but because of a mental or emotional strain by your employer, you are not fully recognized for your work. Financially you will be strong this year as there is a hike in your salary but manage your savings carefully. Advice for you, spend some time with your partner to maintain personal relations. Any conflict with regard to property might get settle down. Beneficial months: September, February and July.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 26

Ruled by number 8 and planet Saturn, your pragmatic approach toward life makes you a veteran of your field. Your seasonal parties will also benefit you as more and more people will add up in your friend list. You are loyal and of high moral sense throughout your life. Uneasiness and agitating on small matters might takes your peace of mind, so work on it. Tact of dealing with shrewd people and promptness in your attempt will make you fast among others to reach to the world’s highest position. Dreams might fulfilled in the months of November, March and August.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 27

Ruled by number 9 and planet Mars, you like the company of healthy and sound thinking person. You are imaginative and it is the time to raise a toast for the successful completion of a challenging project. Businesspersons would sign new profitable agreements. You will be intervened by your admirers when you are going to spend time with your partner. You should not hurt the emotions of others while organizing social activities. Capital gains from the sale of property will be winnowed out. On the front of important issues, the month of September, February and June should be considered.

Birth Date Astrology for people born on February 28

Ruled by number 1 and the planet Sun, affectionate, earnest and industrious are your characteristics. This year you will perform remarkably with high energy and lots of spirits. You tend to complete your work by all means. When you need assistance, your fellow workers are always there and they will become your admirers. Your financial gains would be impeccable but you need to review your percentage time and again. Your search for a dream partner will come to an end. You will throw a big bash for your acquaintances and in return might get lot of surprises. December, March and August proves happiest months for you.



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