Kargil Vijay Diwas: Zodiac Signs That Are Best Suited To Join The Armed Forces


Living for the country and risking one’s life for the homeland is an honour and a privilege which is conferred only upon a few. Joining the armed forces involves a set of attributes, values and qualities that only a few possess. Those who join the forces demand strong leadership abilities, a strong sense of duty and a never-say-die attitude which is the characteristic of a true soldier. Clearly, emotions take a back seat in such a demanding work atmosphere and it is replaced with a strong devotion towards the country. Let us look at zodiac signs which, if they nurture themselves effectively, can prove to be able leaders in the defence services.

Aries: This warrior sign is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, the zodiac’s Commander-In-Chief. Mars is a no-nonsense planet, and the sign of Aries is a true reflection of this quality of the red planet. They are driven and tenacious, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish their objectives. They are fiercely autonomous, self-assured, and competitive. This is an energetic Fire sign that constantly aspires to the top while also being committed and kind to others who can keep up. They constantly relish a challenge, particularly when it comes to eliminating their enemies. Therefore, for many Aries, selecting a military career is only a logical next step.

Scorpio: Mars, the Supreme Commander, rules this sign as well. As a watery sign, reflects the passion of this sign towards their homeland. They may be perceived as rude and harsh because of their strong reactions, but Scorpios make excellent allies since they are passionate, fearless, and willing to stick together through thick and thin. They have the ability to see the big picture, which is crucial for a dynamic and daring leader. When working in a large group, they jump straight in and put in long hours alongside their colleagues, demonstrating that they have what it takes to be a good leader. To the best extent possible, their talents can be utilised in a career in the armed forces.

Leo: People belonging to this fiery sign are great candidates to carry out any command with the utmost effectiveness since they have a strong regard for authority. They are status-conscious people, which means that they are likewise concerned about the status and sacredness of their motherland. Sun is the ruler of this zodiac sign, which indicates a powerful commanding presence. They are masters of strategy and planning when it comes to troops, resources, and equipment. When the time comes, they can give a befitting reply to the enemy. Due to their inherent courage, they take great pleasure in leading their troops across treacherous terrain and overcoming obstacles.

Cancer: Cancer is one of the zodiac’s most emotional and sensitive signs, so its inclusion here may come as a shock to some. No doubt, Cancerians are sensitive, but they are also ardent nationalists who will go to great lengths to protect their homeland. Mars rules the 10th house of career in a Cancer’s horoscope. As a result, Cancerian traits inherit Martian characteristics, especially if Mars strengthens its position in the chart. As Mars also controls over their educational pursuits, these individuals are predisposed to a fascination with military tactics and strategy. They excel at leading large groups of people and are a natural fit for the position.

Capricorn: When it comes to work ethics, Capricorns are at the top of the list due to their excessive dedication to their jobs. This sign is innately endowed with respect for time and punctuality because Saturn, the disciplinary planet, rules it. This strengthens their position as the head of the earthy signs. Don’t be shocked to see them in the list of top Army Generals because striving hard for their objectives is second nature to them. They are excellent problem solvers because they are honourable and extremely mature. Defence forces leaders must be able to make judgments quickly and practically, and they are constantly prepared to draw on their logical side to do so.

Aquarius: Aquarius, which is ruled by the airy Saturn, breeds brilliant visionaries who have a keen intuitive sense of the future and make excellent decisions. They are diligent planners who are frequently skilled at handling details. They are one of the zodiac sign’s natural leaders when it comes to the defence forces since they think more logically than they do emotionally. They are able to make wise decisions because of their emotional maturity. They also have a tremendous degree of courage, which is necessary for leadership. They seek to uphold peace and order and are excellent at working with others to achieve so by being their unapologetic selves and having tremendous faith in themselves and their beliefs.


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