Kharmas 2021: Relevance and astrological influence on sun signs


As soon as the sun enters the Sagittarius sun sign, the month of Kharmas starts. There is a special significance of Kharmas month in the Hindu mythology. As soon as Kharmas begins all the auspicious works including marriages come to a standstill. According to the Hindu calendar, Kharmas will begin from 16 December and will last till 14 January. According to astrology, planetary movement directly influences human lives. All the 12 sun signs witness this influence as per astrology. Let us find out what are the sun signs that will receive the good news and the ones that need to be careful. Read the conditions for different sun signs from Aries to Pisces.


Self-control is required

Stay away from negativity

You might experience auspicious changes in your life

You can expect some new things to happen in your life

Your relationship and bonding will become strong

A long-standing problem might resolve

There might be a new opportunity on the employment front

Keep the monetary plans and information a secret


People belonging to this sun sign might receive a mixed outcome this month

This month might be high on expenditure

There might be a mutual discord with relatives

Respect and honour might also be decreased this month

You can avoid problems by controlling the hardness in your speech

There might be financial gains for the ones who are cautious in business transactions


There will be lack of self confidence

Make efforts for the mental peace

Take good care of your mother’s health

Mind will be at peace

There might be an increase in the expenditure on vehicles etc

Opponents might be active

If you will work with caution and wisdom then you might defeat your enemies

You might achieve many important successes due to your wisdom


Living conditions might be problematic

Family discord might bother you

If you work as per the advice of your elders, you might achieve success.

You can get mental peace by keep your mind engaged in religious activities or participating in such activities

This month is going to be favourable for the business class


You need to be cautious towards your health

You might experience stomach related ailments in this month

There might be a financial loss and this will result in mental stress

Worship Goddess Durga for peace and success at work

Spend time with your life partner

Spend money wisely


There will be an increase in the means of comfort and amenity

Time is favourable for people belonging to this sun sign

You might be a victim of false suspicion

There is a possibility of family problems too

You might experience a rise in expenditure at the home

Your family will be supportive but be very clever and cautious in legal affairs


This is the best phase for Libras

However, take any decision after an intense evaluation and thought

Focus your mind on positive things, you will be successful

You will be successful in your career

Do not waste your time in love affairs during this phase

You might face disappointment in the matters of love

This could be a problematic phase for the unemployed people while it will prove to be a phase of a lot of hard work for students.


This month will prove to be favourable for the people belonging to this sun sign

There might be few hindrances and difficulties in your work but with your continued efforts you will be successful

You will be free from diseases

Family amenities will increase

There will be happiness in the family

Respect and honour will increase

People belonging to this sun sign can achieve better results by worshiping Lord Hanuman


This sun sign is experiencing Shani Dhaiya which will result in mental stress and loss in business

Avoid dispute with any of the family member

If you will begin the work after consulting someone who is senior and experienced, then you will be successful

Sagittarians, your opponents will be active which could lead to some problems


This month will bring good news for Capricorns

You will have to identify the correct time and then move ahead accordingly

There will be no scarcity of wealth, cash after this month.

Married life will be full of happiness. People from the field of education will be successful


For the people belonging to this sun sign, the month is bringing good and auspicious opportunity

Tasks that are on hold or projects that are shelved will be done

You might also begin a new work or project

There will be an ambience of success all around. But you need not be careful at the same time

You do not need to be hasty

Do not try too hard for anything


There will be a rise in honour and respect for Pisceans

There will be happiness and peace in the family which lead to domestic prosperity

You will be in the company of good people

The people belonging to this sun sign should avoid anger and hastiness otherwise there might be losses

Serving the elderly will be beneficial and you might get an inspiration to do something big

You will achieve physical comfort

(We do not claim that all the information shared in the above article is completely true and accurate. For more elaborate information, you are advised to consult an expert in the related field.)



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