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Sun Transit 2022: Lord Surya holds a special significance in Hindu religion and Vedic astrology. Sun is one of the most prominent planet in the galaxy, which has been given a status of the King. According to the astrology, Surya represents the soul of a human being. Sun provides energy and light without which the life is not possible for anyone, not only on the earth but the whole universe. It gives will power and enthusiasm to complete any work successfully. People with strong Sun in their horoscope are loyal, authoritative, leadership power, full of confidence, egoistic, good fortune, will power, courageous and energetic.
Sun Transits in Leo Zodiac
Sun is the ruling planet of zodiac sign Leo. On 17th August, 2022 at 07:22 am Sun has entered in his own sign Leo. Sun will remain in Leo sign for another 30 days till 17th September, 2022. This transit will bring many favourable outcomes to all but it will be more beneficial for those who belong to Leo sunsign such as :-
1. It is the best time for the students to get admission in their desired college or courses which they were trying for so long.
2. This month sun transit will bring new opportunities for all the Leo people.
3. It will increase the self confidence and moral.
4. Those who wants to start a new business, its the best time for them.
5. They will spend good time with their father.
6. The chances of getting promotion are higher for working people and Job seekers will get the job if they try.

People can follow these below mentioned remedies to strengthen the planet Sun in the horoscope :-

1. Natives with weak placement of Sun must wear saffron or red colored clothes as much as possible.
2. Take blessings from your father by touching feet, must greet your guru or teacher.
3. Never argue with the elderly people.
4. Wake up early in the morning before sunrise and offer prayers to the rising Sun. It would bring enthusiasm and positivity in your life.
5. Offers water to the Sun after taking bath and recite Om Suryaya Namaha or Om Ghrani Suryaya Namah 108 times.
6. You can also perform Surya Namaskar every morning. It will bring good health and vitality.
7. Feed cows with chapati and jaggery.


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