Weekly Numerology Predictions from 10th October to 16th October, 2022


Number 1: (People born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 of any month) Ganesha says from the beginning of the week, you will use the energy for the welfare of the family. You will get everyone’s support and all the family members will be supportive of each other. The mid-week period will be auspicious for social activities and these activities can give you victory over your enemies and legal issues. Apart from this, time will be very favorable for getting success in competitions related to education, business, and job. In the last part of the week, there are indications that with better support, cooperation, and blessings of the mother, income areas will also increase. Being close to your family members will give you their support, and it will be beneficial for your work.

Number 2: (People born on 2, 11, 20, and 29 of any month) Ganesha says the starting time of the week is completely favorable for your prestige, restoration of health, enhancement of physical immunity, and personality development. You will emerge as an influential person and people will praise and respect you. There will be no doubt about your efficiency. Organization running and management skills will be good for you this time. In the middle of the week, you may get the pleasure of participating in some auspicious function at home. An adequate inflow of money will bring happiness to your family. Social status will increase in the last part of the week and there will be a high level of improvement in social status and social activities. Your relations with friends, relatives, and siblings will improve. You will be a better entrepreneur than ever. Health, happiness, prestige, immunity, and confidence will remain intact throughout the week. You will spend money on the improvement of your health, and the progress of family, friends, and relatives.

Number 3: (People born on 3, 12, 21, and 30 of any month) Ganesha says there are indications of deterioration in your health, happiness, mental state, and financial condition during the starting period of the week. This will make you feel stressed and expenses will increase. Signs of extra stress on your mind. Along with this, domestic happiness and harmony among family members can also be affected. Confidence and efficiency have to be maintained at this time. Relations with mother and spouse will be good. There will be a pleasant atmosphere, perfect harmony, and peace in the family during the remaining part of the week. With the increase in income, your savings will also increase. With the support of family members, you will be able to get additional income soon.

Number 4: (People born on 4, 13, 22, and 31 of any month) Ganesha says you will be happy with the increase in your income at the beginning of the week. But health, happiness, confidence, and patience can be affected in the middle of the week. You keep yourself happy during the period, and you are advised to exercise regularly. You will get the support of friends and relatives in difficult times. Still, in the middle of the week, you will not get the desired results. This time is not a suitable time to start a new venture. The remaining part of the week is auspicious for getting energy. Physical weakness can hinder your progress.

Number 5: (People born on 5, 14, and 23 of any month) Ganesha says the starting time of the week is giving good signs of mutual harmony between your professional life and all the family members. You will not be able to get the support of your father, but you will definitely get the appreciation of your superiors in the field of work. The result of your efforts in the middle of the week will give you the desired wishes in work and family life. You will get more benefits in the business sector than before. The means of income will be better and new sources of income will also be created. Your health, happiness, confidence, mental level, and financial condition will not be auspicious during the remaining days of the week. Your budget will be affected due to some unnecessary expenses. There are signs of failure in important works. Due to this, you may feel frustrated.

Number 6: (People born on 6, 15, and 24 of any month) Ganesha says at the beginning of the week, there are strong chances of an increase in your name and fame. It will also increase your position and rights. Suddenly your prestige will increase and the achievements of family members will give you happiness. In the middle of the week, you will especially get the support of fathers, seniors, and high officials. There are possibilities for growth in your business. Jobseekers may get promotions or any other good news. Apart from this, you will get the support of upper-class women. Your financial condition and physical and mental health will be good as there will be a significant increase in profits. Time is good for increasing income. Relations with your elder siblings will be good.

Number 7 (People born on 7, 16, and 25 of any month) Ganesha says you will experience some disappointment in the starting part of the week as you may get disappointment and failure in important work. You may face difficulties due to a lack of money in managing daily activities. You are advised not to lose patience and faith this week. During this time, important work related to the undertaking should not be done. There is a possibility of going on a trip this week. With this, you will be successful in overcoming stress. Your father’s support will help keep you confident. The last part of the week is indicating the possibilities of progress in the country. Your responsibilities in the workplace will expand and work will increase. Having extra responsibilities will make you dissatisfied with your work. The results of business trips can be of average level.

Number 8: (People born on 8, 17, and 26 of any month) Ganesha says the starting period of the week will be good for maintaining harmony in married life. At the same time, the partners will also be happier than before and there will be more joy and adventure in married life. This is a good time to sign a new business contract. The middle of the week will not be auspicious for health. Circumstances can become unfavorable, so it is advised to be cautious. This week is not favorable for starting new ventures. Problems with changes in your mood can occur due to obstacles in the way of important tasks. The last part of the week will be favorable for your father, long-term profitable business trips, and religious works. You can participate in religious activities regularly. You will take interest in prayer, meditation practice, yoga, higher education, and social activities.

Number 9: (People born on 9, 18, and 27 of any month) Ganesha says at the beginning of the week, you will spend your energy dealing with issues related to debt, disease, and legal disputes. Due to this, you may be very tired. This is a very difficult time for the health, and mental state of your spouse. This is not a good time for partnership ventures. There will be better harmony with your spouse in the middle of the week. There will be good understanding with your partners at this time. The remaining days of the week are inauspicious for your health and state of mind, but the work situation is likely to improve. You are advised not to be aggressive. Do things with confidence. You may be very worried about the health of your spouse.

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