One third world population is in lock down situation fighting with invisible enemy. People are bound to stay at home, not allowed to even roam around within the home vicinity.

Let’s see how Vastu can help. It is obvious that to stop spreading Corona Virus, one needs to stay home and distance themselves from others.

Vastu | Improving your time staying at home.

Vastu Shastra, is the science of how we can balance energy at home to bring harmony. To stay away from or fight Corona Virus, one needs to have a good immune system. Vastu is not medical alternative, but it is a precautionary measure and can improve your time staying at home. Vastu helps energize your life in a Vastu Compliant home.

Also, Vastu influences whoever lives under the same roof. The body is made out of the five elements of the universe. Vastu Shastra is also based on the same five elements of the universe and its science explains how you can balance the energy at home.


Positive energy creates a strong positive environment. You can create positive energy by re arranging furniture or paintings at home. There is a direction for everything with an ancient scientific reasoning, and with an in-depth evaluation, we can determine what is the best arrangement for your home.

Right Direction

Our body always want to be near positive energy, but our mind creates negativity or fear when we lack of confidence. So, try doing your daily activities facing the right direction. Mainly while studying, working on a computer, watching television or using other electronics, face the East. The East is the direction from which you get lots of positive energy as rays continuously pass from the East to West.

Secondly, once you face the East, you are more focused on whatever activity you are doing. This helps young kids concentrate in their education and their goals towards success in their career. So, try to re arrange the family room seating facing East along with your study table and gym equipment.

Reciting Mantras

Create a positive environment at home by reciting some Mantras (verses) or have it play in the house during the morning time. This helps the body, soul and mind synchronize.

Self Isolation

Keep a water reservoir like a table fountain or natural flower pot in the North-East corner. This helps to maintain peace of mind at home. Someone self-isolating should stay in the North-West side of the room. The North-West corner is called the air corner, so that helps one to stay healthy and recover fast from any health issues.

Following Vastu norms will not harm anyone and can be beneficial to your spiritual well-being. We all should follow and believe in Indian Ancient sciences, because they were written for the betterment of society and individual growth. Stay safe and be positive.


Conducting homam or yagya at home sanctifies the home environment and helps spreading positive energy and confidence within. Ingredient which is being used in homam is key element that actually purify the air. Chanting Mantras actually creates vibration and unique sounds that helps sanctification of the environment and give positive effect on the body. It help people feel calm and peace and increase positivity that engulfs negativity.


In such a painic situation, where everybody is bound to live in locked condition, worshiping god is self relieving process. It helps you to be in calm and peace and gives you space for self-realization. This is the best way for thanks-giving to the nature and god. You can contact Online kashi Pandit for online Puja at your home. There is no need of physical visit of any Pandit or purohit at your home. With online kashi pandit, you perform the entire puja on guidance of pandit ji from kashi avalable with you online (SKYPE). Performing puja by self adds self-containment and utmost satisfaction, because you are serving god by your own hand. Wherever you are globally, you can do Puja/Homam whatever gives you satisfaction, calm and peace.

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Corona vs Vastu | How to be calm at Home?
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Corona vs Vastu | How to be calm at Home?
How to improve your time at home? How you can bring Peace and Calm? Small remedy to improve your home impacting your health.
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